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TOP 16 best extensions for Google Chrome

June 10, 2020
The best extensions for Google Chrome.

In this post you will find a TOP of the best extensions what can you find in Google ChromeThey are 16 and very useful. LOOK AT THEM!



If your preferred browser is Google Chrome this topic may interest you. As we know, each browser has its extensions and they have multiple functions that can save us time for the activities we are doing.

Here are some extensions that will help you in your activities:

Google Dictionary.blank

Possibly you are looking for information about an investigation or about another topic, whatever the case and a question arises with a word, with this extension it will no longer be necessary to open another tab or window to make your query.

By having the extension installed, all you have to do is select the word and then double-click, the definition of the word will appear in a window and your doubts will have been clarified.

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Tab Wrangler.

Something we do while browsing is to have several tabs open, because we consult different information and we do not want to lose sight of it, or while we work we are on social networks.

So far everything would be fine, but there is something to note, the more tabs are open, the more RAM it will be consuming and therefore the performance of your computer will decrease depending on its characteristics.

With these extensions what allows the tabs to be managed in a more intelligent way, if they are not being used they are no longer given priority and it also allows them to be managed in a better way.

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Session Buddy

With this extension we can optimize the administration of tabs, it offers us the option of saving and recovering groups of tabs in which we are working. With Session Buddy we can optimize the use of our computer's RAM memory, since it will not be wasted with the use of open tabs.

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When surfing the Internet we come across the issue of privacy, sometimes sites we enter put us, so to speak, a private detective, and what they do is follow up on all our Internet searches.

With this extension, you can obtain a report that shows us if the sites we visit are looking for our information and block these sites so that they do not continue with these activities.

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Fix Plus

When choosing to watch a movie or series on Netflix, it is likely that you will take longer to find what you want to see because you do not know how the movie or series is rated.

Fix Plus shows us a filter on the films, in which they inform us about the rating that the film or series has, hides the annoying spoiler comments and some additional functions.

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Magic Actions for YouTube

Like Fix Plus, this extension focuses on finding the best use but YouTube, day or night settings, view and be able to delete your search history, video ratings, show information on nationality, language or comments are some of the Magic Actions for Youtube functions.

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Earth View from Google Earthblank

Earth View shows us high quality satellite images, every time you open a new tab. The quality of each image is something that should be highlighted, since if it is compared with google maps we can see a huge difference.

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Chrome Remote Desktop

If you want to be able to access any computer safely, with the help of this extension you can achieve it. This is a remote desktop extension that allows us to control a computer remotely.

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Social networks, personal email, forums or any page that requires a username and password. Perhaps it sounds familiar to you that you have many accounts created and that due to disuse you forget.

Lastpass is a password manager, with which you only have to have a master password, with this you can access all the accounts you have registered in a faster way.

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Have you just sat down to work on your computer and suddenly 4 hours have passed without you noticing? With Rescue Time you will not be able to turn back the time or recover it, but at least it will show you if your day in front of the computer was productive or not, since it gives us a report of how many hours were productive and how much time you lost randomly browsing the internet .

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This extension is a manager for social networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. It keeps track of each of the publications you make on each social network, it also allows you to schedule your publications with just a few simple settings.

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StayFocusd is a tool that was made with all the time spent browsing the internet in mind. If you are weak and cannot be on your computer without falling into the temptation to open Facebook StayFocusd will do it for you. It offers us the options to limit the time we can be on the internet, or sites that we can not access.

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AdBlock Plusblank

Advertisements on the internet are the bread and butter, it seems that when you enter a site with a lot of advertising you will walk on a street with many merchants offering their products. With this extension you will be able to block the publication of the sites you access with a simple way to configure.

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Are you writing an email and when you sent it you did not get the response you expected? Maybe it was because it was not written correctly and what you wanted to say was not understood. With grammarly you will see if what you are writing is correct or not, and will make suggestions on how it should be the correct way.

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Data Saver

Browsing with mobile devices, it is common that when we are connected to an internet connection, browsing with data usage becomes somewhat slower. With Data Saber you can optimize your browsing speed, since this extension uses Google servers, which act as a kind of filter, and what it does is compromise the pages you visit before you access them.

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Browsing the internet from your device you found a page, which you want to save to view later on your computer, you can do it with this extension, in which you can send messages between the different devices that are configured.

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