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Learn animation with this free course offered by Pixar

July 1, 2017
Free animation course taught by Pixar.

In this post we will teach you a course great animation, offered by Pixar and it's totally FREE. ENTERS!



Pixar is one of the animation companies most representative of animation in recent years, they were the first to create a computer movie in the distant year of 1995, that movie is the classic Toy Storie. Each of the productions made in this house have been films that have become classics over the years.

The quality of the animations is something to note, returning to the theme of Toy Storie, it is a movie that is more than 20 years old and still looks fresh. Today I present you an animation course, in which you can remove the snake that is in Woody's boot, create your own Nemo or any other thing you can think of.

Pixar brings an animation course called Pixar in a Box, the best of all is that it is in Spanish so you will not have problems understanding the explanation of it.

Pixar in a Box course content:

  • Introduction
  • Effects edit
  • Patterns
  • Articulate
  • Animation
  • Environment modeling
  • Character modeling
  • Crowds
  • Scenarios and representations
  • Rendering

The course is offered for free, so you just need to enter the page and want to start learning.

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Link: Course

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