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Free course: how to create an Internet radio station

May 24, 2020
Do you want to create your own station? ✅ We have a FREE COURSE so you can learn to CREATE a RADIO STATION online. ⭐

This time we wanted to bring you a course about a course that will teach you how create an internet radio station and put it on the air for thousands of people to listen to you. ENTER!


If you are here it is because you are surely passionate about the world of radio and you want to have a program through this very interesting means of communication that allows the sending of audio signals by radio waves or through the Internet.

And it is precisely what you will learn with this free course on how to create a internet radio station. Let us begin!

How to create an Internet radio station

In this course created by Omar Castañeda he shows how create an online radio station with Shoutcast in its updated version.

Who is this course for?

In the first instance it is aimed at people who are interested in the world of voice over and that they have always wanted to have a radio program to be able to share any type of information to millions of listeners around the world.

It is also specifically aimed at beginners with no experience in the realization of an Internet station.


  • The possibility of purchase a streaming radio service.
  • Acquiring a hosting service and a domain name registration.
  • The acquisition of the program for the realization of live transmissions (optional).

Course description

In this course to create an internet radio station you will learn how to configure the Centova Cast radio platform, such as setting up playlists, making live broadcasts, among other things.

Additionally, it talks about the legal aspects involved have an online radio station and on how to keep it active.

Course syllabus to create an internet radio station

This course to create an internet radio station is divided into 10 sections or classes and has a total duration of 1 hour and 26 minutes.

Course sections to create an internet radio station

  1. Introduction (1 minute).
  2. Requirements (1 minute)
  3. Streaming radio service: How to purchase a streaming radio service (5 minutes).
  4. Settings (8 minutes).
  5. Music: How to upload music (6 minutes).
  6. Playlists: How to create playlists (11 minutes).
  7. Radio player: Radio player code (13 minutes).
  8. List radio station on Shoutcast: How to list your radio station to Shoutcast (7 minutes).
  9. Live broadcasts: How to broadcast live (20 minutes).
  10. Next steps: Questions and answers (15 minutes).

As you may have noticed through the program, it is a very complete basic course to create an internet radio station, but well condensed; so, in less than two hours, you will have the necessary knowledge to start creating your own online radio station.

If you want to do, you can access the course via the following link below:

ACCESS the Course

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We hope that you liked this recommendation of the free course on how to create an internet radio station and that you are encouraged to do so.

We will read to each other in the next opportunity, although we do not want to say goodbye without first recommending other of our technology courses: