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Complete programming course in PowerBuilder

May 24, 2020
You will find a good ⭐ complete PROGRAMMING course in POWER BUILDER ✅, to be able to develop these web projects.

This time we want to share with you a free and comprehensive PowerBuilder course (also called Power Builder) where you can learn the basics of this programming language. ENTERS!


Welcome back to our blog.

This time we return with a post aimed at programming fans who are interested in a complete and free course for learn to use PowerBuilder.

What is PowerBuilder?

PowerBuilder (or Power Builder) is a tool for object-oriented business development that allows the development of different types of applications and components to run client / server applications, distributed applications, and web applications.

PowerBuilder Features

Among its main characteristics we can say that it includes, within its integrated development environment, tools to create the user interface, generate reports and have access to the content of a database.

PowerBuilder also has a programming language called PowerScript, which is used to specify the behavior of the application in response to system or user events, for example, how to close a window.

Applications developed with this language run exclusively on the operating system Microsoft Windows; however, some components that do not include a user interface and that encapsulate only application logic, can be run on other operating systems using the "PowerBuilder Virtual Machine".

It also has a native object for data management called DataWindow, which can be used to create, edit, and view information from a database.

It is important to mention that PowerBuilder is one of the pioneering tools in object-oriented graphic development that allows inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism, making this environment an excellent rapid application development (RAD) tool.

Due to the above, you have been able to notice that PowerBuilder is a super powerful tool; unfortunately it is not well known, but every company or programmer who evaluates the benefits of developing in PB automatically changes and begins to carry out their projects with this language.


Who is this complete PowerBuilder course for?

Now, having a little clearer about what PowerBuilder is and its characteristics, we can fully enter to talk about the course that we want to recommend you today.

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This free and comprehensive PowerBuilder course is intended for containers, students and engineering professionals, business administration, graphic design and other branches or people who require training to understand the use of this language

Requirements for the course

All you need is:

  • PowerBuilder 11.5 or higher.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher.

What will you learn?

The purpose of the full PowerBuilder course is for the student to familiarize himself with and use the program to examine basic and intermediate fundamentals programming of this language, allowing it to be able to develop web applications, assimilate the basic processes of object-oriented programming and understand the patterns of software architecture, view and controller models.

Once the student completes the course, they must:

  • Understand the use structure and operators.
  • Apply conditionals and the connection of SQL server databases.
  • Apply record insert of SQL databases.
  • Know about the variables and data types.
  • Apply the modification of database records.
  • Apply removal of database records.

Complete PowerBuilder Course Content

  1. Introduction to the course.
  2. My first Hello World.
  3. Variables and data types.
  4. Operators.
  5. Sequential structure.
  6. Conditionals.
  7. Repetitive structures.
  8. Using the ListBox control.
  9. Use of the CheckBox control.
  10. Connection to the SQL Server database.
  11. Insert records to the DB.
  12. Modify DB records.
  13. Delete records from the DB.
  14. Show DB records in a form.
  15. Filter records from a DB.

As you can see, it is a course with very good content. Next we will leave you a link of the basic course with the 15 Power Builder video sessions. We leave the list with the videos below.


Now, all you have to do is register on the page to have full access to the course with labs and video demonstrations, as well as all the necessary material to develop the course.

To start the course you can do it for free from this link.

This has been it. We will read each other in a next opportunity. But, before leaving, we want to recommend other of our posts: