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Download TeamViewer 13 FULL for life [2019]

12 junio, 2020
In this post we will show you how you can download and install TeamViewer 13 FULL with a lifetime license, in 2019.

In this post we will show you how you can download and install TeamViewer 13 FULL with a lifetime license, in 2019. ENTER!


Welcome to another new post.

Today, online assistance has become an indispensable tool for customer support, as it provides convenience for both the customer and the support provider.

TeamViewer 13 Full is one of those programs that allows us to do this activity, since from our home we can connect to someone else's computer and help them solve any problems they may have.

Without further ado, in this post I bring you TeamViewer version 13 totally FULL, in Spanish and with a LIFETIME license. Let's go to the tutorial!

Instructions to have it

First you'll have to make sure you have your antivirus disabled. If you have Windows Defender, follow these steps:

Go to "Windows Icon > Settings > Update and Security > Windows Defender > Real Time Protection" and slide the Enabled icon to disable the antivirus.

Now, follow these steps (be patient, it'll be worth it):

1.- Since your antivirus is disabled, you will now have to download TeamViewer 13 (the download section is at the bottom of this post).

2.- Decompress the archive you have left. If you don't have a program to help you with this, you might be interested in this next tutorial from my blog: WinRAR 5.31 full for Windows.

3.- Execute the program installer; right-click on "TeamViewer_v13.0.5640_Setup.exe", and run it as an administrator.

4.- A window will open for you. Locate the section "How to use TeamViewer", and click on the box "private / non-commercial".

5.- Then click on "OK - Finish".

6.- Wait till he gets settled in. When it's done, the program will open up for you. You can see that you will have the free version because in the lower central part of the program it will let you know. Close the program.

7.- Right click on the Windows taskbar, and click on "Task Manager".

8.- Look for a process called "TeamViewer" or "TeamViewer 13". If you find it, right-click on it and click on "Stop" or "Finish task".

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9.- Open the folder you unzipped, and access the subfolder called "patch". Inside it you will find 2 other compressed files. Unzip the one called "Patch".

10.- Copy the file you have left (WARNING: don't open it, otherwise you won't be able to have TeamViewer 13 full). And go to your Windows desktop.

11.- RIGHT CLICK on the TeamViewer 13 icon, and click on "Open file location".

12.- Replace the file inside the folder you just entered. When you're done, run that program you pasted as an administrator.

13.- A program will be opened for you. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING, just click on "Patch", and wait for it to be completely patched.

14.- Now, go back to the folder where you replaced the program you copied. Right click on it and REMOVE THAT FILE.

15.- It will be sent to the trash, EMPTY IT ALSO.

16.- Now, go back to the folder where you unzipped the archive called "Patch", and locate the archive called "Corporate Address"; unzip it.

17.- You'll have one program left. Execute the program "TMAC_v6.0.7_Setup.exe".

18.- An assistant will open for you. Click "Next".

19.- Click on "I agree to above terms and agreement", and click "Next".

20.- Again, click "Next".

21.- Again, click "Next". When the installation is complete, click "Finish".

22.- Run the program that was installed on you.

23.- You'll get a window. Click the "Yes" or "Yes" button and you're done.

Download TeamViewer 13 Full

To download TeamViewer 13 full, click on the button below:

Download TeamViewer 13 Full

IF YOU DIDN'T QUITE UNDERSTAND THE STEPSI leave you the original video I consulted for this tutorial:

Before concluding this fabulous post, I would like to tell you that in this blog we write many technology tutorials of software, hardware, etc... I'm sure there's something you'd like to see!

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Were you able to download and install TeamViewer 13 Full? Tell us about it in the comment box!

See you in a next post.