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All about Netflix: benefits, rates, and availability

⭐ ALL about having a NETFLIX Account ✅: Advantages, Rates or Prices, Subscription types, Availability and how to use Netflix to watch Movies.

Do you consider yourself an uncontrolled movie buff? Here you will discover the benefits of having an account Netflix, the platform with a wide catalog of movies available for various platforms and at the best price. Let's get started!

Consuming content in streaming it continues to grow by leaps and bounds and with no intention of stopping. More and more people prefer these platforms to enjoy their favorite movies and series wherever and whenever they want.

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Netflix-Everything you need to know
Netflix: Everything you need to know

Currently, there are various alternatives for this type of content as are Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, HBO, among others. Of course, we cannot forget about the most popular currently, Netflix which we will talk about next.

Netflix: The best series and movies online

As we mentioned earlier, Netflix is one of the best instant content services that allows subscribed users to enjoy a wide variety of well-produced, highly prestigious series, films, stand-ups and documentaries directly from their mobile devices over the Internet.

In this way, users can unlimited access to a complete catalog and that is constantly expanding when, how and where you want for a simple I pay monthly.

Netflix-The best series and movies online
Netflix: The best series and movies online

How to use the platform?

The operation of the platform Netflix, which allows users to enjoy films, series and more is not different from other platforms in streaming. Through a content delivery network (CDN) is capable of storing and transmitting content globally.

Netflix works with Internet Service Providers (ISP) by installing open connection devices, which have a capacity of 280 TB of media content able to house the entire library.

In this way, users can access content easily and quickly without having to rely on servers. For this reason, when you log into Netflix, you are logging in from your own ISP.

This technology allows thousands of users to connect simultaneously to the platform from any device and enjoy the high definition content No problem.

Design and interface

It has a very simple and intuitive interface it won't take more than a couple of minutes to get familiar with it. Since its potential is based on playlists, you will have to add content to "My list", directly with the symbol "+" and start visualizing it.

Of course, this step is not totally necessary, as you can simply select movie, series or content you want no need to make a playlist.

This is the design and interface of a Netflix account
This is the design and interface of a Netflix account

As you enjoy your programming, the system itself, through an algorithm based on your preferences, will show you similar content which may be attractive for your enjoyment.

Advantages of Netflix

The advantages it offers you Netflix when purchasing a account they are multiple. Among them we can mention:

  • Content without interruptions: Netflix allows you to enjoy thousands of films, series, documentaries and more without interruptions, without schedules, without ads and best of all in high definition.
  • Offline content: Another of the peculiarities of Netflix that it offers its users is to be able to enjoy content offline if you only have one account. Much of its content can be downloaded to enjoy it without an Internet connection on any device.
  • Original content: Although you can find content from hundreds of production companies, from the most famous to independent, you will find original Netflix content, which will not leave you indifferent thanks to its high quality.
  • Easy to use: The hardest thing about having one account in Netflix is to detach yourself from it. You don't really need to configure anything or view a tutorial to use it. Its simple, minimalist and totally friendly design allows you to log in, choose what you want to see and enjoy. Simple as that!
  • Accesible price: It is certainly a payment platform, but it has different subscription options that adapt to any pocket. This makes it an excellent entertainment option without spending a lot of money.

Catalog of series and films (genres)

The catalog of films, series and documentaries Netlfix it's something you can show off in a big way. It currently has more than 200 film genres that satisfy all tastes.

Netflix series and movies catalog
Netflix series and movies catalog

Within the platform, you can find content for the family, horror, musicals, drama, comedy, action, war, anime, thriller and more. Just take a look to lose yourself in all its categories.

How are your service subscriptions?

To enjoy Netflix you need to have one account, which you can purchase depending on the membership you prefer. Currently it is possible to enjoy three plans:

  • Basic plan: Allows access to 1 SD screen. (Can be viewed on one device only and in standard definition).
  • Standard Plan: Allows access to 2 HD screens. (You can view content on two devices simultaneously and in high definition as long as the content is available in this quality.)
  • Premium plan: Allows access to 4 HD / Ultra HD 4k displays. (It can be the content on four devices simultaneously in high definition and ultra high definition when available in this quality).

Netflix fees

The price of one account from Netflix varies depending on each country. However, to obtain a standard price, it is necessary to take as a reference in US dollars, these being your plans:

Price of a Netflix account and available plans
Price of a Netflix account and available plans
  • Basic: $7.99 per month.
  • Standard HD Plan: $10.99 per month.
  • Premium Ultra HD Plan: $13.99 per month.

And if you are one of those who does not have much money and the price of Netflix seems high, you will also have the possibility of enjoy your platform totally free, for that you just have to follow these tricks and you will have several months of Netflix without having to pay.

Countries where the service is available

Netflix is currently available in more than 190 countries, providing its users with quality content in films, series and original documentaries of the platform.

Countries where the service is available
Countries where the service is available

One of the countries where it is not available is China and North KoreaThis is due to the restrictions imposed by the government of the United States of America. However, the company continues to search for alternatives that will lead to an agreement and allow it to expand its services.

Operating systems that the platform supports

In order to enjoy Netflix, you can do so through mobile devices that have iOS or Android operating system.

And if you want to enjoy its benefits from your PC, you can enter your web version under any browser and with any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac) or you can also use the Windows 10 application available in the Microsoft Store.

Operating systems that the platform supports
Operating systems that the platform supports

Now that you know the services, advantages, benefits and price of Netflix, it is time for you to start enjoying your programming and keep up to date with the best of the content streaming of the moment.