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How to download Netflix series and movies

29 February, 2020
Learn how ⭐ DOWNLOAD NETFLIX SERIES and Movies ✅ in a FREE, fast and EASY step by step way.

In this post you will find interesting content if you are a fan of the series, learn how to download series and movies from Netflix It is very simple, follow our instructions and take the opportunity to have at your disposal the series of your interest, do not miss them!


In this post we have for you a quite dynamic and useful content; find out how to download Netflix seriesAnd put together your favorite collection so you can enjoy it whenever you want.

Netflix, is an American company in charge of providing entertainment through audiovisual content, through the online platform or service of VOD by streaming. 

The Netflix platform offers a wide variety of content of all genres and types. It is precisely the diversity of content it offers that has made it a favourite among Spanish-speaking countries.

This service has become one of the streaming platforms most in demand by the hobby user community.

It is known that in order to enjoy this prepaid service, we must have a effective internet connection

Motivated by this, the idea arises in the year 2017, the possibility of being able download both series and movies from NetflixThe purpose of this is to guarantee its later visualization; because occasionally we cannot keep ourselves 100% connected to Wifi.

In this post we will teach you the common methods for download Netflix series for free. You can also perform this procedure in a programmed way, making automatic downloads of your preference.

Free Netflix Series

How to download series from Netflix?

One of the reasons why the market of Netflix users has grown significantly is precisely the idea that this company supports and applies, which is none other than to provide practicality and ease to the daily life of its users.

For the convenience of your audience, the Netflix company launched a few years ago, an application that is currently available only for the Microsoft and Android operating systems. Through Windows 10 you can download Netflix series.   

To carry out this process you must necessarily download the application to your mobile, because it is not available in the web version. It is important that you take into account that this application is not compatible with some devices. 

Requirements to download free Netflix series

Below we will tell you the requirements that you must apply for in order to download free Netflix movies and series:

  • A tablet or computer with Windows 10, a smart device or tablet with Android 4.4.2 or higher, or an iPhone or iPad with iOS 9.0 or higher
  • Indispensable internet connection.
  • Have an active and debt-solvent Netflix account.
  • The device where you want to download, must have the latest version of the application.

One thing you should consider before continuing, is that not all content is available for download. 

This is usually the case with the material on the billboard, i.e. films or series that are just coming out. However, in short days the platform enables the option to download Netflix series.

netflix series

Before we proceed with the download we must check two important steps:

  • Adjusting the video quality
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This is necessary because the default download is standard quality. This is so that it does not take as long, the standard level comprises 480p to 720p, while the upper level reaches 1080p and more. 

This option can be located in the configuration, When you click on this section you will see a menu of options, locate the section downloads and you will find standard o high, select the one of your preference.

  • Adjusting audio and subtitles 

A weakness of the system is focused precisely on this section, since these characteristics cannot be changed.

You will notice differences between downloads, because these particularities depend on the availability at the time of download and the country where you are located. 

Steps to download

Knowing the above, let us resume the development of the activity entrusted How to download series from Netflix?

  1. To check the availability of a series title, we must see if it has an icon next to it that identifies the download (downward arrow).
  2. Select the title of your preference.
  3. Click on the download icon found on the description page. In the series the icon appears right next to each available episode. 
  4. Once the operation is completed, to access the downloaded titles and view them offline, you can go to menu of Netflix by clicking here, then you will find the my downloads of the application, from here you will be able to access these titles. All audiovisual content has different expiration dates, so you should check at my downloads, until then He presumes to be available.

netflix free series

You saw the ease with which the same Netflix application gives us. Through it we can download as many series as we want as long as they are available.

And best of all, you can enjoy your repertoire whenever you want without the need for an internet connection.

Netflix has become in a short time a very recognized and awarded entertainment company by its consumer and fan audience.

We have completed for now this material prepared especially for you who are NETFLIX fan. We invite you to check out more information on our publications.

It's time to say goodbye, not before thanking you for your pleasant company, we hope to count on you in the next publications. See you soon.