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How to hack a Netflix account for free easily and quickly

May 24, 2020
Learn ⭐️ How to HACK a NETFLIX account and thus enjoy a wide catalog of SERIES and FILMS totally free

In this post you will learn how to hack a Netflix account and thus enjoy a wide catalog of series and movies totally free this year. ENTERS!

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Netflix has become one of the entertainment media par excellence today. Millions of users enter this platform daily (especially on weekends) and despite being a service that offers quality, it is not free.

We recently talked about how to download series and movies from Netflix, But if you want to enjoy the best streaming content of the moment without paying, then you should know how to hack Netflix this year in a few steps.

How to hack a Netflix account for free easily and quickly
In this post, see how to hack a Netflix account for free easily and quickly

But really Netflix worth having? Of course. This platform offers an infinite amount of audiovisual content, both its own and from other platforms or networks. Having a Netflix account will guarantee endless days of entertainment, especially if you are a hopelessly cinephile

Now, the company is very strict regarding the services it offers, the simple act of sharing passwords is considered illegal and that says a lot. But, there is no need to worry, here you will discover all the possible ways to have a free Netflix account and thus be able to enjoy free content without restrictions. Let us begin!

How can you hack a Netflix account?

There are those who think that this is impossible. Nothing could be further from the truth. While people prefer to play it safe and pay their monthly subscription, there are other ways to have a Netflix account and DO NOT PAY even a coin.

The information below does not violate any confidential data, and therefore they are legal TRICKS that do not threaten the intellectuality of users.

What we need to know is that there are three ways that offer us the possibility of enjoying Netflix services for free. And these are:

Through a subscription plan with one month free

It is no secret to anyone that Netflix gives away the first month of subscription. During this period, the platform allows users to enjoy its content service at no extra cost. 

Subscription plan with one month free
Subscription plan with one month free

The only one that you need is a credit card in order to complete the subscription. If we have this on hand, then you just have to follow these simple steps: 

How you can hack a Netflix account
Choose the plan you prefer
  • There he will offer three plans with the different characteristics and benefits. You can choose the «Premium Plan». Anyway, you are going to cancel the subscription at the end of the month, why not go for the best?
  • The next thing is to click the button "Continue". Now, it will send you to a page that contains a form, the next thing will be to fill in the information they ask for.
How to hack an account on Netflix-1
Netflix offers three plans with different features
  • Enter the email that will be affiliated with the account and conpassword.
How you can hack an account on Netflix-2
Hacking a Netflix account and having it for free is easy by following these tricks
  • Click on "Continue". Now, you will come to a window where you will have to fill in your credit card details. There is nothing to fear, during the first month nothing will be charged.

Data required:

  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Card number. 
  • Card expiration date.
  • Code on the back of the card.

We will click on «Start subscription». And voila, now we can enjoy one month free.


THE TRICK: When the billing date approaches, you must unsubscribe, cancel the subscription. Once inside your account, go to the section "Membership and billing" and click on «Cancel Membership».

After unsubscribing, you can re-subscribe for another free month using another email. The most important thing will be to have a different credit card on hand. It is not a way to hack Netflix, but you will have it free for several months.

Hack Netflix without a credit card

If you don't have a credit card, all is not lost. There is still a way to get one and use it for a Netflix subscription. What do you need? You just have to follow the following instructions:

  • Repeat all the steps in the previous procedure. Enter the website and at the time of entering the credit card information, apply the hack.
  • Go to following link. That's where you can generate a new card.
Hack Netflix account without credit card
Hack Netflix account without credit card
  • In the page bar you must enter a BINS. One that can be used is this: 518430XXXXXXXXXX. Click on "Generate" and will provide you with information about three different credit cards
Hack Netflix Without Credit Card-1
Credit card generator
  • Put the information they ask for in the Netflix form.
  • Finally, click on «Start subscription»

Note: There are many credit card code generator pages, if this does not work you can try other more reliable ones. Some people offer to generate a card, in the same way as they verify PayPal accounts.

Using Torrents or another download site

Although this method will not allow you to have a Netflix account, it will certainly leave you download content from the platform for free.

Using torrents or another download site
Using torrents or another download site

On the internet there are a variety of download pages for series and films, all of them have content from this platform. The best and most advisable thing is to use those pages in which the intermediaries are MEGA and torrent files, not only are they safer methods, but they also guarantee a Best Quality.

These are the 5 best web pages for download torrents of the moment:

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Code generators

Another way a person can hack a Netflix account totally free, is through a gift card from the platform. This type of subscription is very simple and instant. They usually serve as prizes for online contests, but they can also be obtained with a generator.

What you need to do is find one of these sites that generate these codes or even some pages or apps let them pay Netflix cards for performing tasks such as: registering. There are different cards depending on the amount, some can give for only one subscription month, but others can give up to three

Code generators
Catalog of movies and series that you can hack on Netflix for free

When you have a code of those at hand, it is necessary to enter the Netflix page and look for the option to "Netflix giftcard". You can find this section in the account created, you just have to enter the code and redeem it.

It should be noted that at the moment there is no way to hack Netflix and have it free for life, but with these methods you can enjoy its content for a long period of time.

We hope this information has been useful and you can get the most out of it. In the same way, we invite you to check more of our publications.

Now, could you to hack successfully one Netflix account no problem this 2020? Tell us your experiences, we value your opinion.

Until next time!