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How to update Opera to the latest version for free

July 12, 2019
You will learn how to ⭐ UPDATE OPERA ⭐ (even the Mini) to its latest version and FREE, both for Windows 10, Linux / Ubuntu and mobiles. ✅

In this post you will learn how to update free browser Opera and Opera Mini for Windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu and mobiles to last version, either manually or automatically. ENTERS!


There are some browsers marked by the most important organizations ... In these we have Microsoft with Web Pilgrim or Edge, Google with Chrome and even Opera programming with Opera mini How about we stop at the last one mentioned?

Opera has become one of the most loved alternatives due to its great execution and high similarity to a wide range of protocols, despite having support for most of the available operating frameworks.

Usable on virtually any device, is a product that is not excluded from the improvements and modifications that seek to clean all its edges and improve the customer experience.

Luckily realizing how to update Opera and Opera Mini browser to the latest version on Windows, Android and iPhone platforms it does not require much effort, neither manually nor automatically.

It is a really basic procedure that we will clarify with caution so you can do it in just minutes.

Enjoy the best experience that a browser can give you that can optimize your searches in an extraordinary way as well as you can have a completely complete interface when using it, and in order to have a better use of this application we will teach you how update it, So you can enjoy the best this application can give you to use.

Update and install Opera browser for free

To update Opera to the latest version, download the latest version.
To update Opera to the latest version, download the latest version.

This guide will help you have the Latest update of this Internet browser, as well as to know how to modify your scheduled update parameters, no matter how much you can expect.

Everything to have the ability to use it with full opportunity and limit the use of the assets made on your device.

To update the Opera browser for free, whether for Windows, Android and iPhone, you have some accessible alternatives:

  • Manual update
  • Automated update.

In this segment, We will clarify what you should do in each of them, step by step, with a progression of the basic rules that you must follow to complete the procedure without entanglement.

The most common, despite the computerization of update downloads, is that you need perform manual updates to reload the browser. Here, we reveal the steps you must follow for this:

Download Opera for Windows

Download Opera for Mac

Download Opera for Linux

Download Opera Mini for Android

Download Opera Mini for iPhone

Steps to update Opera manually

We show you the steps to update Opera manually.
We show you the steps to update Opera manually.

1.- First of all, you must download the document with the most recent version of this fabulous browser on your device, be it on the laptop or in the work area.

Choose the one that best suits your operating framework, be it Windows, Mac, Android or iOS Among others, thanks to the download connections above, they are 100% reliable.

2.- When you have downloaded the installer, open it. In this way we can update the Opera browser manually.

3.- On the underlying screen, click directly on «Confirm and install" to start.

4.- Since it is a completely robotic process, as a consequence of pressing that capture, you simply need wait a couple of minutes (depending on the web association we have), until it closes.

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5.- After this, the browser will open directly and you can start using it with the latest version installed. Prepared!

Automatic Updates

Learn how to update the Opera browser automatically.
Learn how to update the Opera browser automatically.

Automatic updates they can be delighted as long as the option for this has been activated recently.

On cell phones, you need to ensure that the parameters of the Apple App Store (iOS) and the Symbol of the Google Play Store (Android) change the parameters according to these updates. without the requirement for the customer to meddle.

That is to say, update Opera is automated (It does not matter if it is Windows, Android or iPhone), without you having to bother to do it.

On the PC, however, you must enter the Opera browser and modify certain settings for this ability to start, so pay attention to what you must do to automate your update:

1.- First, access the following path (open the Opera browser): Settings> Options> Advanced options> Security.

2.- In the area «Automatic update«, Towards the end of the box, we will have a drop-down menu with a progression of alternatives to review:

3.- Don't check for updates: In case you have chosen this option, you will have totally deactivated the alternative to run the Opera update automatically, therefore, the entire procedure should be manual, this option will be carried out for more developed clients.

4.- Alert when there are new versions: If there is the possibility that we select this option, each time another redesign of this browser is promoted, it will notify us by means of methods to open a pop-up window when the browser starts, with an accessible update for Download and establishment.

5.- Automatically run updates: In case we need the complete procedure to be carried out automatically and out of sight, it is prudent to choose this option, in this sense we will not be informed when the establishment is made and we will have the new accessible version reliably working in our PC.

6.- We do click on «Accept» to avoid changes.

Frequent questions

Why is there such a significant number of versions of Opera?

Opera for PC and Opera Mini have a redundant fast forward cycle. This means that most updates go through three phases.

First of all, how initial preliminaries, are presented in the advanced stage of Opera. Then when they become more stable, they move to Opera beta.

At last, after cleaning, the stable version of Opera which most customers depend on every day.

Is it safe to update Opera?

The steps are safe and effective.
The steps are safe and effective.

The updates are made by the browser developers themselves, and are 100% safe and reliable.

When you perform the steps that we indicate in this tutorial, you should know that we are presenting steps described by the same developers popular browser.

So update both your Opera (like the Mini) for free for Windows, Android and iPhone to the latest version with this guide, they will be safe and reliable steps.

I hope this post has been of great help to you.

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Could you update both Opera and Opera Mini to the latest free version? Remember that you can do it manually and automatically.

Let us know how the post went!

See you.