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Design of algorithms and their coding in C language [BOOK] [PDF]

June 17, 2020
Design of algorithms and their coding in C.

In this post you will find a great book that will make you reason the world of algorithms and their application in programming languages, not just C. ENTER!


It is known that the interaction that we have with the computer occurs through programs, and in turn, these programs through the code, because that is what they are made of. The purpose of this post is that you are able to develop programs tailored to any problem you face, regardless of the area of application. This may seem complicated, especially for people in careers who are not related to computer science / programming, there are even those who come to consider the subject as not very important for their training. Therefore, in this book I want to show that:

• Scheduling is a task that is easy and creative.
• Practice strengthens the ability to program.
• Programming is useful for all areas of knowledge.

The reasoning of computers is different from that of human beings, which is why those who begin to program find it a difficult task.

The first step is not to despair, then you must understand how humans reason and then analyze how a computer would do it. It is important to emphasize that the most complex part of this process is the development of an algorithm (flow chart or pseudocode), since it constitutes the logical part. Coding (regardless of the language) is simply transcribing an algorithm into the respective language. The concept of algorithm is used, in general, by all disciplines based on mathematics and physics, therefore in programming, and it is the stage prior to coding.

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