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How to schedule automatic shutdown in Windows 10

May 27, 2020
We will teach you to PROGRAM the automatic SHUTDOWN in WINDOWS 10. so that it turns off later, WITHOUT using programs.

In this post we will teach you how to schedule automatic shutdown in Windows 10. so that it turns off later, WITHOUT using programs. ENTERS!



The programming of the automatic shutdown in Windows 10 It can be done through various tricks that are obtained in the different technology web portals.

It may be that you are one of those people who leave their homes and forget to turn off the computer.

With these simple tricks that can be performed through Windows 10, you will be able to schedule your computer to shut down so that you don't get a bad surprise.

For this, you will only need a simple command, since it is very easy to do it with a few methods available.

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How to schedule automatic shutdown in Windows 10

These tricks will help you get the automatic shutdown in Windows 10 from your computer, without having to worry about the computer being damaged or something similar.

The 4 most feasible techniques to achieve this are the following:

Schedule automatic shutdown using the "Run" tool

This tool is a Windows classic.

This tool is something that could not be missing in Windows 10. In this case, it can be used to program the automatic shutdown of the computer.

To begin this method, tap the Windows key and type "Run." Access to the program will appear above.

You just have to put the command "shutdown –s –t [number]" without quotes and press the "Enter" key.

Inside the brackets you must place the seconds you want to delay the shutdown of your computer.

For example, if you want it to shut down in 10 minutes, you have to put “shutdown –s –t 600”.

This is because the calculation is 60 seconds per minute for 10 minutes, which is just what you want to delay the shutdown of your computer.

When you run the command, you can schedule the automatic shutdown of Windows 10: the system will tell you when it will take place.

Command Line Image or CMD.

Use the command console to program the auto-off

You may have no idea how to run the Windows command console. This is very easy. Just touch the Windows key and type "CMD."

As a result of this, access to the Command Prompt program will exit. Click on it and the black console window will automatically appear on your screen.

Once you have entered this W10 command console, you will have to retype “shutdown –s –t [number]”.

After this, the same thing will happen: the system will indicate that the auto-off has been established, as well as the time and date when it will take place.

This is a slightly slower method of scheduling automatic shutdown in Windows 10, compared to the one mentioned above.

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Use Windows Powershell command for auto shutdown

Like the CMD and Run, Windows Powershell can also be used to run commands in Windows 10.

To be able to enter this option or tool, carry out the same procedure as with those mentioned above.

Press the Windows key and type "Powershell" in the search bar. Then the mechanism will take care of getting the executable.

The code you have to write and execute is exactly the same as that previously mentioned in the other two techniques.

It works the same as the other two, as it is another variant of the same command. This command is the one that Windows recognizes to start the automatic shutdown sequence.

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Image related to the Windows 10 Task Scheduler.

Use the Windows 10 Task Scheduler

This is the last way to schedule automatic shutdown in Windows 10, do the following:

Place "Tasks" in the Windows search bar to enter the Task Scheduler.

After you're there, choose "Create a basic task" and name it "Off."

This programmer will give you the possibility to run it periodically, but this is not the case. You have to select "Once" and continue.

In the next configuration window you have to set the time and date when you want your Windows computer to turn off automatically.

Then select "Next" and continue. Now comes the most important thing: Link a file on your PC to the task you want to schedule.

This program file will be the command to your computer to start the shutdown.

Therefore you have to select "Start a program" and then you will have to find the one you want to run in the search window that will appear.

The path where you can find it is C / Windows / System32. The name of this is "shutdown.exe" and you will have to open it.

Since you have selected what you want to run, the time has come. In "Add document", select "-s" and then "Next".

To finish, finish the process in the ready task scheduler, you will have already configured your Windows 10 computer so that it can be shut down.

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Windows 10 Auto Schedule Conclusion

Thanks to this, we will know how to schedule automatic shutdown in Windows 10 without having to resort to a program or professional download that performs the configuration.

It should be noted that these options can help you so that the computer does not suffer damage due to a blackout or power failure.

Likewise, it may also prevent someone from inquiring what you left open on your computer.

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In the same way, we offer many tech tutorials to all our audience, there will surely be something that interests you to read.

Were you able to schedule Windows 10 automatic shutdown successfully? Let us know your opinion in the comment box!

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