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The 10 most curious facts about Steve Jobs

22 July, 2018
Curiosities of Steve Jobs.

In this post you will find the 10 most curious facts about Steve Jobs, the genius programmer who created Apple, the multi-million dollar computer and cell phone company. ENTERS!



Steve Jobs, another of the greats of technology a great entrepreneur and life fighter, who with only a few years was one of the many adopted children, but still we can see that he fought and fought for a long time, to be able to leave one of the largest companies developing software, hardware, mobile devices and many other things plus.


10 facts you should know about Jobs:

We know that the internet can find information about this great entrepreneur and many more people, but perhaps not very deep and that is why I share with you the following video so you can see 10 of the most curious Steve Jobs data. Don't forget to share.

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