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TOP 10 tournament sites and challenges for programmers

May 30, 2022
Do you want to program something but can't think of anything? Well, this post is essential for you, since we present 10 sites that will fill you with challenges. ENTERS!

Do you want to program something but can't think of anything? Well, this post is the essential one for you, since we present you 10 sites that will fill you with challenges. ENTERS!




I come with another post, and this time I come to you with some impressive challenges, that the truth, if you like to solve problems and you love code, these sites are a gold mine for you.

Without more for the moment, let's go to them!

TOP 10 tournament sites and challenges for programmers:

Position 1: HackerRank

Hacker Rank is a site where you will find different challenges in different programming languages, such as: Java, Python, Ruby, C ++, etc. They are described by their respective levels of difficulty, which are: Easy, Intermediate and Difficult.

Each exercise that you solve well will give you a score, which many companies around the world will be looking at to hire people with talents. You can even find a job!

Position 2: Top Coder


There are several factors why this site is one of the best in this position, and that is that companies that challenge programmers come here, and whoever is the first to solve the problems, will earn CASH, and another factor is that you can throw them keep an eye on the challenges already set so you can see how you think.

Position 3: Google Code Jam


It is an annual tournament sponsored by Google, in which programmers from around the world come to show their skills. The 2017 tournament was on January 7 of that same year, and when each tournament ends, all the tests with the respective solutions are published, so you can be inspired for the next tournament next year. Come on!

Position 4: CodeWars


It is the war of codes; On this website you will also find very interesting challenges. But to be able to register, you will have to solve an initial problem, and if you don't, you will not be able to register (calm / a, the challenge is very simple). There are a lot of languages, but if you can't find the one you like the most, you can vote to make it that way.

Position 5: CodeChef


It is a site that was founded in 2009, it is not for profit, and in it you will be able to see all the challenges of different programming languages without the need to be registered on the platform. If you register, you will be able to participate in tournaments in which the winners can pocket up to $ $700.

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Position 6: Project Euler

It is the oldest challenge page, since it was founded in 2001. This site was made with a lot of focus on the Matlab programming language, since many of the problems presented are focused on the mathematical field.

Position 7: Code Fights


It means "Code fights." The troubleshooting of this page focuses on "bugs", since the site gives you a code with an error, and you will have to solve it in the shortest possible time. What stands out about this site is that you can create your own tournaments in which you can involve your friends or participate in public tournaments.

Position 8: Code Eval


On this site you will find challenges and tournaments that are sponsored by companies, in which, if you win them, you will win cash prizes. The platform has a connection to LinkedIn so you can add your ranking position to your profile.

Position 9: Code Forces


This page is Russian, and it is one of the largest communities of programmers of this TOP. In it you can see the challenges without the need to be registered, and there are tournaments whose prizes are varied and real.

Position 10: SPOJ

It is a Polish site, and on this page you can see many challenges from different programming languages, but in some you do have to be registered and in others you don't. What I liked about this platform is that you can organize your own tournaments with your friends.


And here the TOP ends. Mention that all the previous sites are for both beginners, intermediate and advanced people, since they have tutorials and advice for any problem. Finally, the following website is not suitable for beginners and intermediates, as all the above challenges are advanced, I present to you ...

The AI Games


This website focuses on solving problems related to artificial intelligence. Currently I heard that there is a tournament, in which a robot capable of playing golf must be created. Whoever manages to do it in the best possible way will get $ 1,024 dollars.

Hope these websites help you improve your skills as a developer / programmer. Until next time!

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