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What education do our children need to face the future?

12 August, 2017
What education do our children need to face the future?

In this post we will discuss about education, and this time focused on our children: ¿what kind of education do they need to face the future? ENTERS!



Every father or mother cares a lot about our children, and their education is one of the things in which they can invest the most financially, because it is what will define their future as professionals, both in their career and in their person. Steve Wozniak, Apple's co-founder, and Tony Wagner, an educational innovator at Harvard's Center for Technology and Entrepreneurship, were interviewed.


Tony comments on the following skills that a student needs to have:

  • Learn to think critically: You have to learn to ask questions, lots of good questions, because these days it is more important to ask them than to memorize easy answers.
  • You have to learn to be collaborative: Nowadays, many jobs are done in groups, and the student has to learn to socialize, to relate and learn to work in a team.
  • You must have oral and written communication: A student with good writing and communication, both oral and written, is a student who communicates well, who knows how to express his ideas correctly.
  • Creative ability: The student has to know how to solve problems in a creative way, because nowadays in companies it is the most demanded skill, even if they do not participate in one, because they can also face their personal problems with creativity, ingenuity and intelligence.
  • It has to have values: Tony emphasizes values a lot, especially empathy, perseverance, tenacity and self-discipline, but we believe that in general, the boy has to have all the values.
  • You have to have a moral view of life: the student has to have a vision of what is right or wrong.
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Finally this next thing that Tony mentioned goes on the teacher's side:

  • The teacher has to instruct the student, motivate him, teach him, taking into account 3 factors: the game, passion and purpose.
  • You have to teach him that his education and growth depend on him, and teach him to educate himself, with the spark of curiosity, regardless of the school system.

On the other hand, THE PARENTS:

  • Instruct them to do their homework, BUT don't yell at them, don't use the same old word: "Do your homework!" out of curiosity,

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