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Bill Gates recommends 3 university careers to young people

July 1, 2017
Careers that Bill Gates recommends.

In this post you will find 3 races that the billionaire creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates recommends to young people of today. ENTER!



Today, a university degree is no longer a problem for achieving great things in life. In some parts of the world, having a college degree doesn't make you better or worse than others, nor does it ensure you'll be more successful as a professional.

Experts say that the important thing today is to find people with talent, skills and experience. For example in Silicon Valley it is more important a person who has skills or some experience as a software developer, the only university degree can not represent it.

With regard to the above, we know that we all don't think the same way and perhaps as a high school student you are currently going through the bad situation of not knowing what to study at university. If this is your case you are 3 college courses recommended by Bill Gates I think you'll find them very guiding.

In a letter made to the "Class of 2017" Mr. Gates mentions the three college courses he would study if he were young. Many of us would think that programming or systems engineering might be the kind of recommendation given by the billionaire. However, the recommendations are aimed at climate change, combating poverty and so on.

Here are the three races that Mr. Gates recommends:

For Mr. Bill Gates, the most meaningful and focused careers in the future are in artificial intelligence, energy and life sciences. For him, the intelligence artificial will help make people's lives more creative, fun and productive.

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On the subject of the energy, says that by making it cleaner, more reliable and accessible to all, poverty rates will decrease and climate changes will no longer be affected. For him, the ciological conditions are the college career full of opportunities to help people live longer, healthier lives.

He also mentions that the center of world vision for him does not revolve around a university degree. At 30 years old, after a trip to Africa, he understood that the important thing is to focus on the knowledge we have on growing as people, and then helping others.

When you think about helping others, money comes in handy. But what is relevant in all this is that when we act in the right way we start to see the world in a totally different way.

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