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MegaDownloader, program to remove MEGA download limit

May 27, 2020
You will be able to ⭐ DOWNLOAD and use MegaDownloader ✅ version 1.7 (2018/2019), a PORTABLE PROGRAM ⭐ that will remove the DOWNLOAD LIMIT to MEGA.

In this post you will learn how to use and download MegaDownloader version 1.7 (2018), a portable program that will remove your download limit to MEGA. Also, if you have an error that it does not allow you to download files, we will still help you to solve it. ENTERS!


Welcome to a new post.

The MEGA download limit It is something that has just been integrated into the content management platform some time ago.

This is something that did not exist before, and it has become too uncomfortable, which is why today we present this FABULOUS program.

What is MegaDownloader?

This is the interface of MegaDownloader 1.7 portable.
This is the interface of MegaDownloader 1.7 portable.

Is a program to download files of the MEGA platform, which will give you the possibility to download them easily, quickly and simply.

MegaDownloader is portable, so you will not have to worry about installing anything on your computer, and it is 100% threat free.

This application was created by a third user outside the company MEGA Co. Ltd., so it is not an official one. You will not be charged for its use, as it is 100% free.


  • It's very fast: gives you the ability to download multiple files with multiple connections for each file, reducing the bandwidth of your network.
  • It is super light: We speak that its weight is less than 3 MB, besides that it consumes few PC resources; it is just a buffer in memory that stores the file directly.
  • It is totally safe: MegaDownloader will not show you ads. Its only utility is to help you eliminate the limit, directly downloading the files you request. In addition, it connects with the creator's server to check if there are any updates to the app. No more action. Sensitive data will be encrypted using DPAPI and AES.
  • It is a simple program: You don't need to know anything technical, just open the app, put the links of the programs to download, and that's it.
  • It is too complete: It contains many functionalities to make your download magnificent. You can stop, cancel or pause what you are downloading. It has a system to queue files, group packages, decompress files, view content, manage the speed for an optimal download, it is available in several languages, if the power goes out or the PC is downloaded, you will not lose the download, it will resume later, you can configure it so that when you turn on the PC, MegaDownloader opens, among many more.
  • It is portable: so is; MegaDownloader is portable, which means that you can take it on a USB memory wherever you want.


  • Have Windows XP SP3 or higher (such as Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, etc). They must have .NET version 3.5 or higher.
  • If you are a device user Mac, you must have Parallels, and have installed the .NET version 3.5, or as in the previous case: a higher one.

How to use MegaDownloader?

First of all, you should already have downloaded the program from the download section. When you have already downloaded it, you must follow these following steps to use it:

1 First, unzip the file resulting from the download, it is in RAR format (get WinRAR Full for Windows).

2.- After the above, enter the resulting folder; you will find some files, but the ones that interest us are the following:

  • MegaDownloader portable.
  • Psiphon 3.
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3.- Now, in order to use this program, open the MegaDownloader 1.7 portable (2018/2019), and click the square "+" button.

4.- Paste all links line by line of MEGA you want to download. Example:

Having downloaded MegaDownloader 1.7 portable (2018/2019), you will be able to download multiple links at the same time.
Having downloaded MegaDownloader 1.7 portable (2018/2019), you will be able to download multiple links at the same time.

5.- Then, click on the button «Add links»; The download will begin, but since you already had the MEGA limit, you have to reset that limit. To do this, first click on the orange square-shaped button (stop downloads).

6.- Consequently, go to the folder where MegaDownloader portable is located, and open the program called "psiphon3", this will allow you to change your IP for free in order to remove that annoying limit.

7.- When it has been opened, click on the button «CONNECT» and wait. When it is finished, the browser will open telling you your IP, country and region, close that browser window.

8.- Now, go back to MegaDownloader and click on the inverted triangle button right to resume the download. If it doesn't let you download, just click «DISCONNECT» in Psiphon 3.

READY! With this, you will no longer have a problem when using the MegaDownloader 1.7 portable program.

Fix error: MegaDownloader won't download

Previously you could use this program without any problem, but the creators of the MEGA platform have been improving their security systems, but as a computer saying goes: no system is 100% secure.

Well, now I will prove to you that this saying is really true, since we have found a way to circumvent this limit and that you can continue with your downloads.

Go download MegaDownloader portable (2018/2019), which is located below the post (which by the way we show you how to use this program a little higher than the post), and once you have downloaded it, follow these next steps To fix the error not downloading files:

1.- First, you are going to give click the orange "+" sign to add your URLs, and you're going to start downloading those files.

2.- Now, open the Psiphon 3 program which will be in the folder you downloaded, and click "CONNECT". Close the browser window that opens, and resume the download. If it continues without leaving you, now click "DISCONNECT" in Psiphon 3, and that's it.

Download MegaDownloader portable

MegaDownloader 1.7 portable will give you this possibility of power download those MEGA files without interruptions that you pay a membership to be able to continue with the download.

These pesky fees will no longer interrupt you in the download unless you have not followed the steps to be able to use the file download program correctly.

As we discussed earlier, if your file is more than 900 MB, you will have to make a slight interruption of a few seconds in the download to be able to run the VPN program and download another 900 MB, but I am sure this is better than nothing.

So, I leave you the link so that you can download the MegaDownloader 1.7 portable (2018/2019) program from the following blue button:


So far the post has ended. In this blog you will find more programs and systems apart from this one you saw. You will surely find something out there!

Were you able to download MegaDownloader 1.7 portable? Let us know in the comment box!

See you in another post.