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How to download files from MEGA without limits

29 September, 2019
See how to ⭐ download MEGA FILES WITHOUT LIMITS ✅, and remove the 900MB quota to remove the download limit and have it unlimited. ⭐

In this post I will show you how you can download MEGA files without limits, remove the download limit and be able to continue using MEGA without limitation. ENTERS!


Hasn't it happened to you that you are going to download a large MEGA file and after a certain time it tells them that they have to wait a few more hours to continue the download?

If that has happened to you, you will know what anger and rage are.

So today I will teach you download MEGA files without limits. The message that appears is the following:


Today I bring you a solution to that! And it is that you can somehow circumvent this system so that it does not show you this annoying message.

Without more to introduce for the moment, we go to the tutorial, which is what interests us.

How to download files from MEGA without limits?

In this tutorial we will make use of some programs that you will learn to use them quickly and they are also too simple to understand, here we will explain this point to you.

These programs have a efficiency too high and thanks to its combination you can complete the download and remove that limit download that the MEGA platform imposes on you.

Follow these steps to carry out this goal:

1.- First, you must download a file that we leave you below of this post, in the download section.

2.- After the above, you should unzip the file RAR that you downloaded (if you don't have what, I'll leave you WinRAR Full for Windows). In doing so, you will find a folder called "mega".

3.- Now after the above, you will find 2 files, which we will use for this process. Here's what we'll use each file for:

  1. MegaDownloader: it is a multiple download manager, that is, where you will place the links to be able to download those MEGA files without limits.
  2. Psiphon 3: it is a program to change the IP of your computer and make it appear from another country so that the limit quota is reset and your downloads continue.

4.- Since we have explained this, we are going to open that folder that you unzipped, and consequently, open the first program of which we described above.

5.- Now, the following interface when you have opened that program:

In order to download MEGA files without limits, we will use this program.
In order to download MEGA files without limits, we will use this program.
The programs that you see in green will not appear, there in that section will appear the download status of the programs that you download.

First, we will put download those MEGA files you want to have on your computer without the limit bothering you. To do this, click on the orange "+" button.

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Afterwards, the following interface will appear:

URL aggregation interface. We will teach you how to remove the download limit in MEGA.
URL aggregation interface. We will teach you how to remove the download limit in MEGA.

Here you will be hitting one by one the URLs you want to download files. Once you have it, you will give click on "Add links".

6.- Later, when you have already added the URLs and they are downloading, now open the second program (Psiphon 3). When it is open, press the "CONNECT" button, and then pause the downloads by pressing the orange square button of the first program.

7.- Afterwards, resume the download by pressing the inverted triangular orange button to the right of the first program, and click on "DISCONNECT" in Psiphon 3.

READY! With this you can remove the MEGA download limit and be able to download those files you want.

If after 900 MB downloaded you get stuck again, do the same procedure again.

Program to remove download limit in MEGA

In the section where we teach you how to remove download limit of MEGA files, we tell you that you require 2 programs necessary to carry it out.

These programs are of vital importance if you want to download MEGA files without the limits that it puts you after 900 MB downloaded.

In the following link you will find such programs; It will take you to another post on our blog, just go to the download section to find the download you need.

DOWNLOAD MegaDownloader 1.7 portable

We have finished this great tutorial. In this incredible blog you will find tech tutorials everything: hardware, software, tips, help, etc ... Visit us!

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Were you able to download MEGA files without limits? Leave us your opinion in the comment box of this great article!

See you in a new post.