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TOP 15 best YouTube channels to learn about hacking

April 27, 2019
In this post you will find a TOP of the best 15 YouTube channels, in which you can learn many things related to hacking.

In this post you will find a TOP of the Top 15 YouTube Channels, in which you can learn many things related to hacking. ENTERS!



Today cybersecurity is one of the main issues to consider in the computing environment, because we have to know how to protect ourselves from the bad guys: the crackers. I have heard that people confuse between a hacker and a cracker, and for that very reason, I come to deny that:


A hacker is a good person, who is dedicated to studying systems in search of vulnerabilities, backdoors, viruses, etc., to be able to do some CORRECT action, to eliminate that malicious file, or to patch that vulnerability. On the other hand, a cracker is a person who is dedicated to the opposite: attacking systems, making them vulnerable or destroying them, implementing the same or similar knowledge that a hacker knows, but uses them to do evil.

That's why we need good people, we need MORE HACKERS IN THE WORLD, to do good and not evil. ALWAYS DO GOOD, and use the information I'm going to give you for good.

IMPORTANT NOTE: channels that do not have a link is because their content no longer exists.

TOP 15 YouTube channels to learn about hacking:

  1. Dedsec. Go to the canal.
  2. The New Boston. Go to the canal.
  3. Vivek Romanchandran. Go to the canal.
  4. Justprogramming. Go to the canal.
  5. Penetration Testin in Linux. Go to the canal.
  6. TutorialBotss. Go to the canal.
  7. Hack5. Go to the canal.
  8. Network Security. Go to the canal.
  9. Bhargav Tandel. Go to the canal.
  10. Open Security Training. Go to the canal.
  11. Ethical Hacking - Computer Security. Go to the canal.
  12. Hacking Course. Go to the canal.
  13. Ethical hacking course. Go to the canal.
  14. Hacking - Basic Level. Go to the canal.
  15. Ethical Hacking Course, Stream. Go to the canal.
We recommend you:  The art of intrusion [PDF]

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