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How to remove shortcut arrows in Windows

March 22, 2018
In this post we will show you how you can remove the annoying shortcut arrows to Windows programs. ENTERS!

In this post we will show you how you can remove annoying shortcut arrows to the programs Windows. ENTERS!



Welcome to another post. Windows has become the most widely used graphical user interface in the world, which is why it is also the most attacked, and it is where more and more questions and annoyances arise. One of those is: How the hell do I remove the arrows that are in the lower left corner of every program I have? I have to admit that they are annoying for me in a lot of programs, and that is why I have removed them, and today I come to show you how I have achieved it. Let's go!:

How to remove shortcut arrows in Windows

In order to do this, do the following steps:

1- Press the set of keys «Windows + R», or, in Windows search engine, type «Run».

2- Write the command «regedit«.

3- You will see a user control in a pop-up window, click yes to the permissions.

4- Now, expand the folder «HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT«.

5- Click on the subfolder «lnkfile«.

6- Upon entering, you will find various files. Locate the one called «IsShortcut«.

7- Right click on that file and click on «Delete», and delete it.

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Note #1: in order to delete the "IsShortcut" file, you will have to have your account with administrator privileges, otherwise, it will not let you delete it.

8- Now close everything and restart the computer. When you go back inside, you will find that those pesky arrows are gone. READY! Arrows will no longer appear.

If you have doubts, tell me. Until another post!

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