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Screenshot: 3 effective methods in Windows 10

March 22, 2018
In this post we will present you 3 effective, quick and easy methods to take a screenshot of your Windows 10. ENTER!

In this post we will introduce you 3 effective, quick and easy ways to take a screenshot from your Windows 10. ENTERS!



Hello again! Taking a screenshot today is super essential for many things, which will remind us of something in the future: be it a conversation with someone, a manual, an image, a series of steps, etc. Have you not come across that there are programs that offer you this service? Yes, but WE WANT TO DO IT WITHOUT PROGRAMS, we don't want to fill our hard drive with them. Today you will learn 3 easy methods of taking a screenshot !:

Screenshot: 3 effective methods in Windows 10

Method #1: Print Screen Key

This method is very common in desktop computers, and to take a screenshot on them, just press the following button:


When you do, the capture will be done. Now you wonder, and where did the capture go? Well, we have to get it off the clipboard. To do this, we will open Word or Paint, and there we will press «Ctrl + V", and ready! Save it as an image and you will have the capture.

Method #2: Command Set 1

The following method varies depending on the computer. Your computer will have ONE of the following button options:

  • Stamp R Sist.
  • Prt Scr SysRq.
  • Print Screen.

When you find one of these 3 options, you will do the following: press «Windows + [key found]«. Unlike the previous method, the capture will be saved in a folder. To access it, open your File Explorer, and go to «Pictures> Screenshots«.

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Method #3: Command Set 2 (more advanced)

This method is my favorite, since it is one of the novelties of the Windows 10 updates, and it is GREAT. To do this capture method, press «Windows + Shift + S«. You will see that the screen becomes a little white-transparent, and your cursor instead of being the arrow, will become a type of plus sign. All you will have to do is click on one end of the fragment you want to capture the screen and drag it to another segment, as shown in the following image:


The clear part is the portion that will have the screenshot; everything else will not be counted. And this is how you can take screenshots without the need for programs in Windows 10. Until another post!

Doubts questions?
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