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TOP 5 best free alternatives to WinRAR

May 25, 2020
You will see the ⭐ 5 BEST alternatives to the WinRAR compressor that are FREE ✅both for WINDOWS, GNU / Linux and the mythical Mac.

In this post you will see the better alternatives free that you can find for WinRAR for both Windows, Linux and Mac. ENTER!


If what you want is to handle large digital files, here we will give you the best WinRAR alternatives so that you achieve an optimal result.

Many will have gone through the situation that by wanting to send a file too large or heavy by mail, a warning message came out saying it couldn't.

This is the reason why WinRAR, becomes one of the most necessary tools for those who work with a PC.

What is it and what are the best free WinRAR alternatives?
What is it and what are the best free WinRAR alternatives?

What is WinRAR?

In general terms is a file compressor. It consists of a program that allows you to reduce the size of the files, making them more manageable.

This tool, in addition to save hard disk space allows you to send files from one computer to another without any hiccups.

This is a program with the main objective of generating profits, however it is not a problem to use it since the only detail is the annoying message that appears when you open it.

9 best WinRAR alternatives

The main reason WinRAR is the favorite is because of the large number of formats it can handle regarding file compression.

However for less experienced users it can become a headache.

If you are looking for options to handle large files we present the best WinRAR alternatives free.



Previously, before the arrival of WinRAR, WinZIP already existed. This came pre-installed on most computers.

Despite being a licensed program, it could be used on any computer or mobile phone and can be used on any operating system without any restriction.

DOWNLOAD WinZIP for free

The Unarchiver

This free alternative to WinRAR is designed for Mac OS.
This free alternative to WinRAR is designed for Mac OS.

The Unarchiver, designed for MacOs X, is a file decompressor that is compatible with most formats.

This application is capable of extracting the content of any compressed file by clicking or referring it to the icon of The Unarchiver.

One of his main features is that it does not have a main window, that is, you will only see a small bar while the download process occurs and then disappears, that is why we consider it one of the best free WinRAR alternatives for Mac.

On the other hand, it has great compatibility with the most compression formats, you can hardly resist opening a file, however strange it may be.

DOWNLOAD The Unarchiver


Quick program for compression.
Quick program for compression.

The BandiZIP, is a very reliable app to compress files. It can support files from programs like WinZip, WinRAR and 7-Zip.

Its main characteristic is the speed to decompress and extract the information, due to the system of dragging files from one place to another and its multicore comprehension function.

In the race to create a better program. The Bandisoft company launches this application with its own personality.

The most interesting options are the support for Unicode text, a creation of EXE installers and the division of an archive into several ZIPs.

This app is one of best WinRAR alternativesSince it is released under the Freeware license, it is ad-free and supports a reasonable number of formats.

As an interesting feature, it stands out that all the options appear in the context menu and it provides a preview of what the compressed file contains.

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PaeZIP, one of the best free alternatives to WinRAR.
PaeZIP, one of the best free alternatives to WinRAR.

This application is a file archiver, designed based on open source technology.

In addition, it is an option available in 32 and 64 bit versions for both Windows and GNU / Linux. Create self-extracting archives in various formats like TAR, WIM, XZ, and ZIP.

It is able to decompress more than 180 formats and open files like ACE, DMG, RAR, UDF, ZIPX, CAB.

The company also developed a transportable version in USB, to be able to carry it always. Moreover, it guarantees that there will be no advertisements or adware.



7-ZIP, a popular alternative.
7-ZIP, a popular alternative.

This is a file archiver developed by Igor Pavlov. Comes with default 7z file format and uses the LZMA and PPMD compression methods.

It is one of best WinRAR alternatives, since it allows working with files of less weight, thus reducing the weight of the files to a greater extent.

Likewise, it is used to handle self-extracting files in 7z format. It does not show multiple options in the menu, but rather sorts them in a folder named 7-ZIP.

In addition to its official client for Windows, it is among the best decompression programs, as well as alternatives to WinRAR because it has versions for others such as GNU / Linux and Mac for free, due to its open source.



jZIP, another within the TOP of the best alternatives to WinRAR for free.
jZIP, another within the TOP of the best alternatives to WinRAR for free.

This is an alternative, also free, with a much simpler configuration and with more limited options than the others.

However, due to its simplicity it can be a more manageable option especially for those who do not have much experience.



ZUPGenius has more than 25 supported formats.
ZUPGenius has more than 25 supported formats.

The ZipGenius was born as one of the best WinRAR alternatives, due to the ease of use to unzip records.

This can handle more than 20 formats and is integrated into the right-click menu, where the items are in a folder.

In addition, it can be downloaded in two versions, the standard, which is only based on a decompression program, and the Suite Edition aimed at companies.



iZarc is a multipurpose tool capable of supporting many formats.
iZarc is a multipurpose tool capable of supporting many formats.

A veteran and he's struggling to stay like one of the most reliable. It supports various types of formats such as 7-zip, ARC, B64, C2D, among others.

Among its benefits, we have to can convert files and CD images, repair damaged files, malware scan.

It also includes your menu options within a certain folder.


B1 Free Archiver

Best alternatives with friendly graphical interface to WinRAR for Windows, Linux and Mac.
Best alternatives with friendly graphical interface to WinRAR for Windows, Linux and Mac.

It is one of the best alternatives free to WinRAR for both Linux, Windows and Mac and one of the most popular. It is open source and stands out for being cross-platform.

Has official versions for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. With regard to the options, it focuses more on the options that the user will need.

When you press right click, you will notice a first option to "unzip here" and a second option to "unzip in" so that you can choose the desired one.

DOWNLOAD B1 Free Archiver

Compression and decompression of files is necessary for almost everyone who uses a computer.

That is why it is important to know the different options available in the market to choose the one that best suits our needs.

We hope this post has been to your liking and also that these WinRAR alternatives you find them functional.

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Do you think these free alternatives are the best to WinRAR? Let us know what you think!

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