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How to make any program portable

November 3, 2018
In this post we will show you how you can make any program portable, and take it wherever you want. ENTERS!

In this post we will show you how you can make any program portable, and be able to take it wherever you want. ENTERS!



Welcome to another post.

The vast majority of the programs that we know today are complete, that is, once installed on the computer, it cannot be carried elsewhere, you cannot run it on another computer, unless you install it on that computer from the start.

Today you are going to learn with me how you can make any program portable. Here we go!

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How to make any program portable

Make program portable.

In order to make any program portable, follow the steps below:

1.- You will have to have the program you want to make portable installed on your computer.

2.- Yes now. Let's start: type on your desktop the set of keys «Windows + R».

3.- The "Run" window will appear, in it, write the following: iexpress.

The conversion wizard

In order to make the program portable, we will have to follow the wizard that is going to open.

4.- A wizard will open. Leave the first option as is, and click «Next».

5.- Likewise, leave the default option, and click «Next».

6.- Now, give the project a name. If for example you want to make CCleaner portable, you could put "CCleaner" there.

7.- Now, leave the option "No prompt", and click "Next".

8.- Also leave it on the default option, and click "Next".

9.- Now, click on the "Add" button. A window will open, go to "Local disk (C :)", and go to "Program files" (this depends on the version of Windows you have installed, but you will have to find the folder where your program is installed).

For example: if we want to install CCleaner, normally its folder is inside the one I mentioned earlier. Its folder is called "ccleaner". Open the program folder.

For this case, we have to make the CCleaner program portable.

10.- Select ALL FILES in the program. Don't leave one unselected.

11.- Click on "Open"; they will be added to the wizard, and then click "Next".

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12.- Now, in the "Install Program" section, choose the name of the program extension. In CCleaner's case, it's "CCleaner.exe", and when you're done, click "Next."

13.- Then leave the default option and click "Next" again.

14.- Leave the option as "No message", and click "Next".

Finishing conversion of the program

15.- Now, in the next section, we will click on the «Browse» button, and select the path where the wizard will leave the files ready for the portable program.

For example, you can select the Desktop path (C: \ Users \user\ Desktop \Program.exe).

Red section: give it the name of your program. In the case of CCleaner, you could put "CCleaner".

Blue box: your username on your computer.

Next, we will click on «Next».

16.- Now, click on the option «No restart», and click on «Next».

17.- In the next section, the wizard will show you the configuration you have chosen. If all is well, click "Next".

18.- For the last time, we click on «Next».

19.- The CMD will open and it will begin to work on making the program portable.

Wait for it to finish. When it fits, the CMD window will close and the wizard will show you the final result.

Click on "Finish", and go to the location where you put the program to leave the results. DONE, YOU'RE FINISHED!

Note: the wizard will leave two files. The one that interests us is the one with the disk icon, when you open it, the program will be available.

So far this post has ended. I would like to tell you that we write many tech tutorials of all kinds: hardware, gaming, software, maintenance, etc ... Visit us!

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Could you make a portable program? Leave us your result in the comment box of this article!

See you in another article.