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How to backup Windows 7

March 14, 2020
See how you can make a ⭐ complete BACKUP ✅ and step by step of your WINDOWS 7 operating system. Easy and Simple. ENTERS!

In this post you will see how to backup Windows 7. Find out how to do this process in short and easy steps. Learn to make your own backup. ENTERS!


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We commonly come to think that carrying out a backup or backup from your computer would be a complicated task and applied only by computer technicians.

That was left behind, putting into practice simple steps that we will present to you throughout this post, you can learn how to backup Windows 7.

Now, this procedure can be applied with the help of external programs; However the Windows 7 operating system, offers its own pre-installed tools to facilitate this task. In addition, it offers the alternative of scheduling this process as often as needed. 

Do not miss the opportunity to make a backup windows 7 on your computer; and avoid in some way the loss of information, since we are not exempt from unfortunate eventualities that may damage or even disappear important collected works.

Do not lose sight of how to carry out this necessary work. Next we will explain the procedure to follow.

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How to backup Windows 7?

We will help you to keep the necessary information on your computer safe, applying a backup windows 7.


Initially, it is necessary to take into account the available storage options to carry out this backup.

Among the variety of alternatives we can take into consideration for this task a external device, such as a external hard drive. Also, the save alternatives and network protection.

For this explanation we will take as a reference the external hard disk device; as these drives typically have considerable capacity for these backup operations.

Steps to perform a backup

Put these simple and easy steps into practice:

Step 1

We are located in the icon start, we search next, maintenance, copies of security and restoration.

Selecting the latter will display a window where various options are presented.

However, we will focus on the first alternative configure backups

backup configuration

Step 2

By selecting configure backups, we must choose the external hard drive and click next.

Disk selection

Step 3

Following this, a panel opens that presents us with the question ¿What do you want to back up?

Among this he indicates two options; the first let windows choose. TOThis is where the system backs up files considering the computer's storage folders; These include the library, desktop, and other default Windows folders. 

The second option is let me choose; as its name implies, it refers to free will to select the number of file folders to save. 

configure backup

Step 4

We have a clear idea of the result in case of allow to Windows choose; however, when we choose the second option let me choose, We know that we have the full freedom to select, taking into account the information priorities in the event of considering a meticulous selective plan.

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In many cases, this option is useful, since it serves as a filter to discard content that we consider of little or no importance. 

When selecting this option we must take into account the investment of time and patience to choose the information of interest.

Step 5

Following this we will see a new window, where the boxes of the existing folders on our computer are displayed.

Now, from here we select the boxes that we need to support in the Windows 7 backup.

We can also from this panel, include a system image of the drives.

This system image refers to making a copy of the drives necessary for Windows to run. Serving as a restorer of the equipment in case it ever stopped working. 

additional options

Step 6

Approaching the end of the process little by little, we will find a new window where we will visualize the list of selected elements.

In other words we will observe the backup summary; this in order to verify the configuration we plan. 

From here we can also corroborate the backup location; that is, the unit or device where the backup windows 7.

We can also configure the backup schedule; clicking on change programming.

SThen we can choose the necessary frequency, in days, weeks or months; and to be more specific, we check the day of the week and the time when said backup will be made.

To complete the backup process we click on save configuration and run backup. 

copy location and scheduling

Step 7

When it comes to restoring the backed up data, we are located in the backup and restore center; This is responsible for searching the device connected to the computer, the copy of windows security done. 

We will probably have to make several copies on the same external device. Therefore, we must have a control of these backups; taking into account the periods covered, the location and the equipment from which the copy was made.

This content restoration can be carried out in full by clicking on select all files in this backup; or partially by selecting search, search for files or search for folders


Basically this is the sequence of the process that must be applied to learn:  how to backup Windows 7.

Dare to make your own backups. Put into practice this material that we have prepared especially for our users.

It's time to say goodbye, but not before inviting you to read other posts that we are sure will be of interest to you. 

Tell us in the comments, according to your experience in the computing field, do you consider it useful to periodically make backup copies of your computer?

Did you find the process to make a backup copy of Windows 7 easy?

We appreciate your closeness and support. It will be up to new content.