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How to move your WhatsApp conversations to another cell phone

6 May, 2020
See how ⭐ to pass your WhatsApp Messages or Conversations ✅ from one Android to another, and from an Android to an iPhone for FREE and EASY.

In this post you will see how pass on your messages or conversations from your WhatsApp from your Android to another, and from an Android to an iPhone. ENTER!



When we change our mobile device we have many tasks to do, for example, synchronize the phone with our email, retrieve contacts, photos and videos, download applications of our interest and thus the content hosted on them; and with regard to the latter, it is almost always necessary retrieve the WhatsApp conversations.

That is why, today we will explain to you step by step how to pass on your WhatsApp conversations to another cell phone depending on the operating system of both devices, both the old one where the conversations are, and the new one where you want to download them. Let's start!

Passing your WhatsApp messages from an Android to Android

If you are switching from one Android phone to another Android phone this action does not involve much difficulty. This can be done through two methods:

  • Making a local copy with a microSD memory and then transfer it to the other phone or;
  • Using Google Drive.

Whatsapp backup

However, whatever the case, in order to save the chats you just need to go to the Whatsapp application menu and access "Settings > Chats and calls > Backup"and give him "Save." You can choose to make your copy on your SD or Drive.

In case you choose to do it in the microSDyou practically have to do the transfer manually. Let's see:

  1. Connect your old cell phone to a computer by means of a USB cable.
  2. Enter the Explorer folder of files on your computer and accesses the internal memory of the cell phone.
  3. Make a copy of the WhatsApp folder on your PC.
  4. Now, connect your new phone to the computer and overwrite the WhastApp folder.
  5. Open WhatsApp on your new device and you can access the information.

Another way is to simply use the same SD card and insert it into the new phone before starting Whatsapp. Once there, it will ask you if you want to restore your chats.

Now, if you choose back up and save it on Google Driveeverything will be more automatic. Just make sure you're using the same Gmail account. Follow these steps:

  1. Once the backup has been made on your old device, all you have left to do is installing the application on the new phone.
  2. When you open it, you must enter your phone number and will automatically detect the backup on Google Drive.
  3. Click on the button "Restore".
  4. Depending on what you have saved, the restoration may take a couple of minutes. 
  5. When you're done, you'll be able to display all your messages from WhatsApp.

Passing your WhatsApp conversations from one iPhone to another iPhone

When switching from one iPhone device to another iPhone the only option for pass Whatsapp conversations to another cell phone is by making a copy in the cloud, which is very similar to how it is done from an Android. Perform the following steps:

  1. From your old phone, access the application menu, select "Settings > Chats and calls > Copy of chats"where you can back it up on the spot, or even schedule it. In order for you to make such a copy you have to have iCloud Drive activated.
  2. Now, once you have installed WhatsApp on your new phone in the configuration you will have the option to restore the copy of chats from iCloud Drive.


Transfer your WhatsApp conversations from an Android to iPhone

As above, in order to move your WhatsApp messages from an Android to another iPhone cell phone you must back up to Google Drive. See how to do it:

  1. You know, to do it you just have to enter the menu, press "Settings - Chats - Backup“.
  2. Then download the Move to iOS application on your Android phone, it will allow you to transfer all the data.
  3. Once you have the app ready, when you set up your new iPhone device, you'll be shown a screen with all the Apps and data. While there, press "Transfer data from Android”.
  4. Your device iPhone will generate a code you must enter on your Android phone and the data transfer will begin.
  5. When the transfer is complete, you'll be able to view your applications and conversations just as you had them on your Android.

There are other applications such as Backuptrans o Dr. Fone that allow this transfer; however, we recommend the above application, first, because it is an official Apple application and, second, because it is free.

Now, if you want to pass messages from WhatsApp to another cell phone with the DR. program Foneyou must do the following:

  1. Download the program to your computer.
  2. Start the program and select the option "Restore Social App“.
  3. Click "Restore WhatsApp Messages".
  4. Then connect the devices to the computer and click on "Transfer" to move your conversations from one device to another.
  5. Check and accept the warning messagesThis will delete the WhatsApp data on the target cell phone.

Alternative for passing messages from Android to iPhone

The above procedure, using the Dr. Fone program we wanted to explain it, precisely, because it's very similar for this case. Let's see:

  1. Download and install Dr. Fone on your computer.
  2. Go to the "Restore Social App" module and select "Transfer Messages from WhatsApp".
  3. Connect both devices and click on the "Transfer" button to start the process.
  4. Open WhatsApp on your Android device and restore copy.

Last option

In case you don't want to restore your backup and empty all the chats you may have, a very good alternative is to email the chat conversations you are really interested in. This is done, by being inside a chat, by clicking on the menu "More > Export chat“. There you will decide if you want to export the media files as well. You can then access those conversations while on the new device.

As you may have noticed, pass messages from WhatsApp to another cell phone is no longer impossible, regardless of whether you use Android or iOS. We hope that with these simple procedures you can do it.

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