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How to disable automatic download of WhatsApp

May 24, 2020
See how to ‚≠ź disable AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD ‚úÖ of WhatsApp files on your ANDROID or iPhone ‚≠ź step by step, easily and quickly.

You will learn in this post how to disable automatic download of WhatsApp. You will know important alternatives to disconnect the multimedia download service on your mobile device. ENTERS!


WhatsApp It is considered one of the most recognized and used applications around the world. It gives us the benefit and advantage of communicating from anywhere in real time.

In addition to the maximum usefulness it represents for its users, this application has a disadvantage that significantly impairs the performance of mobile devices.

What is the problem?

By this we are specifically referring to the automatic download of any amount of information that they share with us both in:

  • Image.
  • Photography.
  • Audios.
  • Documents
  • Music.
  • Files, among others;

These files saturate the cellular equipment storage space.

Another fundamental reason that can lead us to disable automatic download of WhatsApp; It is because since we are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, these downloads of multimedia files consume our browsing data subscribed to a pre or post paid plan.

In the same way it would be great to be able choose or select the information of your interest and to be able to apply the download of the files that are needed, without having to receive infinite content, even duplicate.

These just mentioned reasons are some of the reasons why many users want remove automatic download from WhatsApp; and thus be able to avoid in this way, collect information that we often do not know have them stored in memory. 

remove automatic download from WhatsApp

Let's see below in detail the process to deactivate the automatic download of WhatsApp. 

Steps to disable automatic download on Android

In this section we will know practical Steps to disable automatic download on Android. Follow our route and let's make this process super simple.

  1. ¬† Initially you must enter the WhatsApp app on Android, from here go to the menu and carry out this sequence: ¬ęsettings¬Ľ> ¬ęstorage data¬Ľ> ¬ęautomatic download¬Ľ.
  2. ¬† When you are in the "automatic download" section, you will see the two sections ¬ęConnected to mobile data¬Ľ and ¬ęconnected to Wifi¬Ľ; you should disable both options if you prefer.
  3.   Finally unchecked the boxes within the app settings, you will see that it was possible remove automatic download WhatsApp.
  4.   From this moment you can choose and decide what content to download on your Android. 

Steps to disable automatic download on Android

You saw the ease with which you can apply the Steps to disable automatic download on Android.

To carry out this process we must initially locate ourselves in the configuration of the WhatsApp application.

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In the previous section, you will be able to control as much content as possible, which you receive from the group of contacts with whom you share a social relationship through this means of communication.

After knowing the steps to disable automatic download on Android; We will review a fairly similar methodology, with the difference that now we will see the procedure applied to remove automatic download on iPhone.

Steps to disable automatic download on iPhone

The application of steps to remove automatic download on iPhone, It is practically very similar to the procedure that is carried out for Android.

With the difference that the iPhone, when connected to a data plan, automatically downloads photos; in the case of audio and video files, they are only downloaded when connected to the WiFi network.

Let's see the sequence of steps to remove automatic download on iPhone:

  1. You enter the application WhatsApp app on iPhone, go to the "settings" of the app, and then to the "storage data" section.
  2. From this section you can choose the way you prefer to download the multimedia content.
  3. Four sections will appear: photos, audios, videos and documents. By clicking on each type you must select the download configuration, between "Never", "Wi-fi" and "Wi-fi and mobile data".

Steps to remove automatic download on iPhone

Performing this sequence you will have control of the information you need to download according to your interests, avoiding the collapse of storage and the unnecessary expense of mobile data.

Explanation of download options

Let's see in detail the three options that the iPhone presents to us to download multimedia content.

  • If we select the alternative "never": the files will not be downloaded, unless we do it manually by clicking on each one of them. To download videos under this mode, it must first be placed in playback and the download as such will be done in the background.
  • When choosing the mode of "Wifi": the multimedia content will be downloaded as soon as we connect to a Wi-fi network.
  • And finally the third option "Wi-fi and mobile data": refers to the downloading of information as long as the mobile finds an internet connection.¬†

So far our post has come. Dare to deactivate the automatic downloads of WhatsApp from your mobile is very easy.

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How did you find the process to deactivate the automatic download of the WhatsApp app? Tell us in our comments. Until a next post.