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Creating Auto Responses for WhatsApp

5 June, 2020
In this post we will show you how you can create automatic replies for WhatsApp, yes! Reply immediately to messages from contacts. ENTER!

In this post we will show you how you can create automatic responses for WhatsAppyes! Answer contact messages immediately. ENTER!



Welcome to another post. WhatsApp is the world's most popular instant messaging system. By having your cell phone number, you can interact via intuitive text with your contacts, as well as view statuses, video calls, and more. With all this, I was in a hurry doing some things and I got some messages from contacts, and I couldn't answer them at that time, so I wondered: will it be possible to set up automatic replies for them?

Gosh ... it was kind of crazy, since WhatsApp itself doesn't have this feature built in, but you can, you can! And that's why today I present to you...

Creating Auto Responses for WhatsApp

All right, first, let's download an app that you're in the Google Play Store.

2.- Then, open the app. A welcome message will appear. Click on the green button that says "Notifications Settings".

3.- Activate "AutoResponder for WhatsApp" and allow it to access the notifications.

4.- Click the return button on your phone to return to the main screen.

5.- A note will appear explaining a little bit the operation of the application. Click on "OK".

6.- Now, let me tell you that if you have WhatsApp GB (which is a different version than the normal WhatsApp), you will have to configure something. In case you have it, click on the three horizontal points (located at the top right), and click on "Settings". Then find the section "Change WA package", and enter the following text: com.gbwhatsapp

7.- Now, go back to the main screen of the app, and press the plus (+) button, which is at the bottom right of the app.

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8.- Then, in "Message received" put what the person can send you to give you an answer. For example: "Hello".

9.- A little further down from the section "Message received", you will find the section "Reply message". Set up a reply for your contact. For example: "Hi, I'm busy right now.

10.- Done. Everything else will be optional and for this tutorial it won't be necessary to move you to something else, but if you want to, go ahead! Now, once you have finished everything, press the floating green popcorn button.

11.- READY! It's as simple as that.

If you press on the green circle on the side of the answer, you can "turn off" that auto-response. If you slide the answer to the left, you can delete it. If you want to turn off all auto-responses for a moment, press the "Auto-respond..." bar at the top of the app on the home screen.

I wouldn't want to go without inviting you read more interesting tutorials like this, or see more posts related to WhatsApp. THANK YOU, until another post!