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How to change the color of the WhatsApp Messenger app with this trick

March 17, 2021
See how you can change the ⭐ WHATSAPP COLOR ⭐ safely and EASY for Android and iOS.

In this post you will learn how you can change the color of WhatsApp Messenger both on Android and iOS iPone easily and simply.

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the best messaging apps to be in contact with all our loved ones, and is that, thanks to its intuitive and easy use of the chat, anyone can learn to use it.

However, despite the large number of functionalities offered by this application, it is not possible to directly modify its interface, including colors.

However, this does not mean that it cannot be done. If you are already bored of having the same color, here we show you a incredible trick to change the green color that WhatsApp has by default. Let's go!

Steps to change the color of WhatsApp

We will explain how you can change the color of the application on both your Android and your iPhone iOS, so don't worry.

However, as we mentioned before, officially WhatsApp does not yet incorporate these settings, so we must resort to third-party tools to be able to achieve our mission on both cell phones.

Although we must use a tool other than WhatsApp, it does NOT mean that we are exposing ourselves to viruses or malware, so don't worry about that either.

So then, go to the corresponding section to configure and change the color of your WhatsApp Messenger.

Change the color of WhatsApp on Android

Android is the most used operating system, and of course, there is much more freedom of customization than any other system.

Although not even here Facebook (current owner of WhatsApp in 2021) has incorporated the custom change of some color in your app officially, you can only activate dark mode in WhatsApp and that's it.

However, thanks to a modified WhatsApp application, not only can we change the color, but we can also hide our online status, continue to have deleted messages that people want to delete, among other things.

Do you want to learn how download this app to change the color of WhatsApp and more? Follow this post step by step!

Make a backup

First of all, we must make sure to make a backup of all our messages in case anything goes wrong and we need to restore our messages in the future.

In addition, this step is necessary to be able to restore the backup in the modified app once we install it later.

We are not responsible in case of loss of information due to the completion of this tutorial. Follow the steps as complete.

To do this, perform the following steps:

1.- First, access your WhatsApp app, and go to «Settings».

2.- Once you are there, click on the option «Chats».

3.- Then, go to «Backup copy«.

Make a local copy of your WhatsApp files.

4.- After, click on «SAVE» to make a local backup of all your chats. If you get a Google Drive window, click on "Never" and save the copy.

Download the app

Now, once the backup is made, we can proceed to download YoWhatsApp, which is an app developed by several people and is a safe modification of WhatsApp.

Follow these steps to download the app and also change the color of your WhatsApp on Android:

1.- First, you must delete your original WhatsApp. Don't worry, if you made a backup in the section above, your messages and data will be backed up.

2.- Then, click here to download YoWhatsApp, and install the application.

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3.- When the installation is finished, access within it.

4.- Once inside, click on the 3 vertical points (upper right), and click on "Fouad Mods" or "Mods" (depending on which one you get).

Now, there are 2 ways to change WhatsApp color:

  • Using default themes: uses modified templates that users create, which completely modify the original design and make it more attractive.
  • Directly change the color: just change the color of the chats and bars from the original WhatsApp layout.

Choose the option you want to try and go to the corresponding section. Down here will be the "default themes" section first.

Change it using default themes
Example of color change in WhatsApp.
Example of color change in WhatsApp.

As we discussed earlier, the default themes They are completely different designs from the original WhatsApp, therefore, they change its color. Let's see how to put one in YoWhatsApp:

1.- Being inside the «Mods» section (we stayed in step 4), click on «Themes» or «Themes» (if you have it in English).

2.- Upon entering there, click on «Download themes» or "Download themes" if you have it in English.

3.- A screen with several predetermined themes will be loaded, as you can see here:

This is the list of custom themes.
This is the list of custom themes.

4.- Choose the theme that you like the most to change the color of your WhatsApp on Android, and then click on «INSTALL» or "INSTALL".

CLEVER! This way the design will be loaded and you will see it instantly. You can change as many themes as you want.

If you later want to return to the original WhatsApp color settings, go to "Mods> Themes> Reset preferences".
These changes do not apply to WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp apps on Windows and Mac.
Change the color to the original design

If you only want change color to original WhatsApp design because you didn't like green or anything else, you can!

Follow these steps to change the original color:

1.- Within «Mods», click on «Universal», and later, enter «Colors».

2.- You will see a screen like the following:

Here you will make the settings to change the color of WhatsApp.
Here you will make the settings to change the color of WhatsApp.

3.- Play with the color settings in each section to change the color of WhatsApp to your liking. We randomly set this up, and our result was:

This is an example of a WhatsApp color change.
This is an example of a WhatsApp color change.

Change it on iOS

In iOS for iPhone changing the color to the famous messaging application is not quite a complicated issue, even much simpler than that of Android.

Although yes: as an essential requirement is have iOS 9 or higher, and must have a jailbreak accomplished.

Why should you jailbreak it? Because they are modifications outside the WhatsApp developer, which are obviously not available in the App Store, so Cydia will be required.

You must also delete the original WhatsApp application, since we will install a modified version to be able to change the color (don't worry, it doesn't have a virus).

MAKE A BACKUP COPY of all your data and chats in case you later want to return to the original.

When you meet the requirements, follow these steps to change the color of WhatsApp on iOS:

1.- First, download and install the "WAColor" package in Cydia. Click here to download it.

2.- Once you have it installed, open the app. You will see that the app looks a lot like the original WhatsApp:

WaColor, modified WhatsApp app.
WaColor, modified WhatsApp app.

3.- Go to «Settings» and click on «Set Colors». That's where you can configure all the colors:

WhatsApp color settings on iOS.
WhatsApp color settings on iOS.

Play with the color scheme to adjust and change the color of WhatsApp on iOS to your liking. Remember that these changes do not affect WhatsApp Web. Clever!

NOTE: If you want to return to the default colors later, click on «Restore Colors».

We hope we have helped you change the color of your WhatsApp to a different one on both Android and iOS. Remember that in this blog we love WhatsApp and write about it. Visit us!

See you in a new post, reader.