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How to delete all photos, videos and memes from WhatsApp

May 24, 2020
Learn how to ⭐ DELETE photos, images, VIDEOS and MEMES from WhatsApp ✅ that no longer interest you in an EASY, FREE and safe way. ENTERS!

Surely if you came here it is because you want to learn to delete photos, videos and memes from WhatsApp that you do not need and, that perhaps, your phone is low on memory. ENTERS!

We start:

Welcome once again to our blog.

It is well known that WhatsApp is the number one messaging app in the world. Millions of people use this tool to communicate, but not only that, but they use it to send images, photos, videos and memes as a means of fun or simply recreation.

But all that stored information produced by WhatsApp can bring problems or deficiencies in the functioning of our operating systems, especially if not enough storage memory. And the worst comes, when we do not modify the configuration of the application, and everything that comes to us is stored on our phone.

For this reason, today we wanted to bring a substantial post about how to delete photos, videos and memes from WhatsApp so that you can recover that precious space that you need so much, but as a plus, we will teach you how to make a backup copy before deleting the files, lest you need them in the future.

Back up

Surely, if you want to delete these elements that people have sent you through WhatsApp, it is because they do not have any importance; however, we cannot always do a thorough review to determine if everything stored is not necessary.

Therefore, a generic, effective and also free solution is to carry out a backup to Google PhotosThis way you make sure you have a backup in case you ever need some of all that information.

Google Photos

Google Photos offers unlimited storage, as long as a Google account is associated. And, in order to do the copy your WhatsApp files  You have to open the application and activate the backup of the different folders on your device, including the folder with the WhatsApp files.

To know which photos, images, videos and memes from WhatsApp you should delete, you must perform these steps below:

  1. Open Google Photos.
  2. Access the menu (button with the three horizontal lines) located in the upper left corner.
  3. Access the "Device folders" section and there you will see all the photo folders on your device.
  4. Select folders WhatsApp images, Videos WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gif's.

From that moment, Google Photos will save a copy of all the files generated by WhatsApp, but be careful that the action has been done before deleting any file; since, in general, this copy is made if you are connected to a WiFi network; however that can be changed by entering the configuration part of the application.

How to delete photos, videos and memes from WhatsApp

Now, once you have synchronized the Google Photos application with your phone, you can remove not just all Photos that you no longer want or do not serve you, but those videos and memes by WhatsApp that you don't need. And for this, you have two options: do it manually or download an application that does it for you. Let's see.

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Manual way

To delete these files manually you just have to go to the gallery folder from your mobile device and locate the folders related to WhatsApp; there are usually three:

  • WhatsApp images.
  • WhatsApp videos and,
  • GIFs Animated WhatsApp.

delete photos, videos, memes from WhatsApp manually

Once you locate them, open one by one and select all the files you want to delete. If you have a lot of content and you want to free up space quickly, select delete all; Anyway, if you did the backup all your files will be saved in the cloud in case you need them one day.

This is how you can manually delete not only all those junk photos, but those WhatsApp videos and memes that you no longer want.

With Cleaner

In the shop Google play or Play Store There are a large number of applications that perform the task of cleaning or deleting WhatsApp files, and best of all, most of them are free. One of these is Siftr Magic Cleaner or Cleaner for WhatsApp, both are very good.

DOWNLOAD Siftr Magic Cleaner

DOWNLOAD Cleaner For WhatsApp

clean WhatsApp photos, videos, memes with a cleaner

Once you install any of these applications, you must grant the respective pepermissions so that the application can access your mobile storage.

While in the application, each of the WhatsApp folders and how much space they are occupying are broken down. The application will erase all useless and useless files. This action may take a little time, if these files have never been deleted or deleted.

How to prevent memory from filling up with photos, videos and memes on WhatsApp?

Although it is true that most of the files that we receive through WhatsApp are important at the time, afterwards they only take up storage space. So, to prevent this from happening, we just need to change the WhatsApp settings to limit the automatic download function so everything that is sent to you is not saved.

For this, all you have to do is go to the WhatsApp menu located in the upper right corner, select "Settings" and then "Data and storage". In this section there is a function called "Automatic Download", where you can decide which files will be downloaded automatically.

prevent memory from filling up with WhatsApp photos, videos and memes 1

Another action you can take to delete those photos, videos and memes from your WhatsApp, is to carry out the following steps:

  1. First, go to the WhatsApp menu (located in the upper right corner).
  2. Then select "Chats."
  3. Then, in the part of "Chat settings", you can disable the option "Media file visibility”.

If you do the above steps, no image or video will be saved in the gallery folders of your device. However, you should keep in mind that disabling this option will not save anything and, therefore, you will not be able to backup in Google Photos.

WhatsApp Settings

With this last comment, we end our post about how to delete photos, videos and memes from WhatsApp, but we do not want to say goodbye without first recommending other of our posts:

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