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How to do an Internet speed test quickly

May 31, 2019
⭐ SPEED TEST ⭐ of internet and WiFi (Telmex, Movistar, Claro and Ookla ✅) to measure or test the UP and DOWN speed of your connection. ENTERS!

In this post you will learn how to do a test to measure or test the speed of internet or WiFi (both by Telmex, Movistar, Claro and Ookla) for free and in a few seconds, in order to find out how fast your wired and wireless connection is, measuring latency, upload and download speed EASILY and SAFE. ENTERS!


Welcome to a new post The internet speed it is essential for everything.

More and more people need the Internet to work, to play or to do, in general, any daily activity.

For this reason, test to measure internet connection speed They are essential, since they help to know the speed of navigation, specifically, measure the speed of upload and download.

The connection meters can be very varied, but they are all easy to take; just take a couple of minutes and voila. Now, the precision of them will depend on some factors, such as network congestion and even the modem you are using.

To explain a little better what these consist of tests to test the speed of both Internet and WiFi, we have created this article with all the information you shoulds know about it.

Keep reading and learn more about the speed of your connection. (Yes, andYou know how it works, you can go directly to the test pages)

What is an internet speed test?

Do you know what the internet and WiFi speed tests are and what are they for?
Do you know what the internet and WiFi speed tests are and what are they for?

We can define it as a test carried out, through online applications, that shows the time levels at which data is downloaded and uploaded from the network.

Within the tool, the factor that is measured is megabits per second (Mbps), and although its results can be taken into account to obtain an average, it is important to note that it depends on the moment in which it is carried out.

It should be noted that there are many people who constantly carry out these tests, since it depends on knowing if there are connection problems or any inconvenience with the server. Further, It is not only about measuring the speed of the Internet connection, but also the wireless network (WiFi).

What are internet speed tests for?

As we mentioned earlier, speed tests are used to measure the time it takes to upload and download files from the network to your computer, that is, to measure the speed of uploading and downloading files.

Seen in another way: the tests They are used to download and upload content determined to the platform you choose for later measure the seconds you need to do it.

DYou must remember that on the Internet there are many programs available to make these measurements and free service pages. Later we will indicate the most popular ones.

For now, another thing you should know is the process that the tests follow to calculate the megabytes downloaded per second, and it is as follows:

The latency test

What is latency?
What is latency?

When performing the test to measure the speed of WiFi and internet connection, the first thing the server does is the latency test. But what does this consist of? It is very simple.

The program chosen for the test begins by locating the closest Internet server. Afterwards, it sends data to the server and, in turn, forwards the packets to the machine where the test is being done.

During this exchange of information, the test calculates the time in which it was received, which is measured in milliseconds and it's latency test.

The descent speed test

What is the internet download speed?
What is the internet download speed?

Once the first step has been completed, the download speed test should measure how long it takes the computer to download the files selected by the program.

The discharge ports can be multiple, and the speed test result It is estimated according to the time it took the server to do this action.

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The upload speed test

What is the speed of uploading data on the internet?
What is the speed of uploading data on the internet?

Contrary to what we explained above, the upload speed test consists of measuring the time it takes to upload files to the nearest server.

Like the other two tests already mentioned, all of this is measured in megabytes per second.

Likewise, they also depend on the connection provider companies, that is, there are WiFi speed tests for Telmex, Ookla, Claro and Movistar.

Take a Telmex speed test

How to measure the WiFi connection speed in Telmex.
How to measure the WiFi connection speed in Telmex.

Telmex is a company that offers telephony and Internet services through optical fibers throughout Mexico. If you have this service and want to take the test internet speed for Telmex you follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Official page to take the test speed of your internet for Telmex by pressing here.
  2. Click on the button «Start test«.
  3. Wait a couple of seconds. Check the connection speed report and you're done.

As you can see, it is too simple, so you can test and see the upload and download speed of your Telmex internet and WiFi, as well as other technical data.

Take an Ookla speed test

Test WiFi and Internet connection in Ookla.
Test WiFi and Internet connection in Ookla.

Ookla is another leading company which is responsible for analyzing the Internet in much of the world. To do the Ookla internet speed verification test, you must do the following:

  1. Access within the portal to perform the test full internet speed for Ookla clicking here.
  2. Click on the «Start» button
  3. Wait a few seconds and that's it. Onscreen a report will be displayed with the current connection speed of the internet in Ookla.

This report that will generate a view of the connection speed that your internet has in a matter of: upload and download, very important technical data to take into account.

Take a Claro speed test

Measure WiFi connection by Claro.
Measure WiFi connection by Claro.

In the same way, Claro is another of the most recognized companies in all of Latin America, and its plans are one of the most sought after by users.

If you enjoy their services and want to take a test To test or measure both the internet and WiFi connection speeds in Claro, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the Claro website to take the test by pressing here.
  2. Go to the tab «Speed test
  3. Click the button «Speed test«
  4.  Wait a few seconds, while it analyzes and that's it. The screen will provide you with a report of your internet connection speed both upstream and downstream.

Take a Movistar speed test

Speed test to measure the internet and WiFi in Movistar.
Speed test to measure the internet and WiFi in Movistar.

Finally, if there is a server widely recognized for its telephony and Internet services, it is Movistar. So if you want do the speed test oriented to the Movistar, you simply have to do the following:

  1. Access the page to take the Movistar internet speed test by pressing here.
  2. Point the cursor to the center right where it says "Go to the test!".
  3. Then, press the button «Start speed test.
  4. Wait a few seconds. Right away will show the results of the speed of your internet connection.

As you may have noticed, speed tests for Wi-Fi and internet are an effective tool if you want to discover any inefficiencies in network connections in time. It only remains for you to verify how your Internet is doing with the pages that we provide, and voila!

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