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How to hide Instagram photos without deleting them

May 25, 2020
Learn ⭐ HOW TO HIDE (archive) PHOTOS ✅ from INSTAGRAM WITHOUT having the need to DELETE ⭐ or delete them, as well as unarchive those photos.

In this post we will teach you how to hide or archive Instagram photos without having to delete or delete them, as well as how to unarchive those photos. ENTERS!


Has it happened to you that once you upload a photo to your instagram you regret? Well, in this article we will explain how to hide photos on instagram without the need to delete them.

Also if you have hidden a photo and want to put it back on your profile, you can unarchive all those Instagram photos that you have decided to archive.

Today, our hectic and social media dependent lives make us want to constantly reflect our daily lives through these windows to the world.

However, the rush sometimes does not allow us to discern between what is correct or not or what we really like or not in terms of images that we publish on the networks.

Instagram, a window into our private life

Is it possible to hide Instagram photos without deleting or deleting them?
Is it possible to hide Instagram photos without deleting or deleting them?

It is no secret to anyone that technological advances They exceed us in terms of our expectations.

There are many innovations that are created to solve problems but that at some point create new inconveniences.

Social networks do not escape this reality. Its advantages are endless since it can send news, photos or videos in real time.

However, they also enclose some risks. The dangers of showing a lot of personal information over the networks have already been discussed.

The publications we make are directed to the world, so it is possible that we sometimes regret what we have published, either out of modesty or for personal safety.

That is why social networks seek to update and make improvements according to the user needs.

One of the most important social networks, has just been updated and offers the option of hide instagram photos without having that need to delete or erase them, in addition to unarchiving all those photos. 

Why hide Instagram photos?

The decision to post photos In our social networks it is personal, and in this our conscience, culture, beliefs and prejudices will always prevail.

Now, it is common that in the midst of the excitement or excitement of showing the world what is happening to you, you can slip some images that you don't like much.

In this order of ideas and trying to satisfy some requirement of customers, instagram has developed a tool that allows you to solve this conflict.

This network of photographs, owned by Facebook, has created a kind of archive that will serve to hide messages in a private space on your profile.

You also have the option to show them at any time you want in their original profile place.

In principle, the tool did not appear for all users while it was in the trial period, but now it is available for everyone.

Hide or Archive Instagram photos

If you want to know how to hide photos on instagramThe first thing to keep in mind is that you must have the latest version of Instagram.

In this sense, we must update the app from the official store of the platform, either iOS or Android.

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Once the Instagram is updated, we can go to a photo and by pressing the icon menu in the upper right corner.

Upper right corner: image options.
Upper right corner: image options.

The same that we use to edit, share or delete a publication. When doing so, a submenu will appear in which the Archive option will be displayed.

By clicking this option, automatically Instagram will move the post desired to an area that can only be viewed by us, so you can archive the photos, or what is the same as hiding all the Intagram photos you want from the public.

If we want enter this private area, we must click on a new clock icon located at the top of the profile.

In the profile options, there is the option "File".
In the profile options, there is the "File" option.

Which will lead us to see the publications we have hidden. This tool is very useful to hide photos that we do not want to delete but keep them private.

If you want to unarchive those photos of Instagram that you have hidden, right there the app will give you the option to do it. All you have to do is click on that button to restore them to your profile again.

Re-viewing old Instagram stories

In addition to the option to view archived stories in your private space, Instagram also makes a Backup of all published stories.

To see them again, you must click on the icon «+» that appears in the central part of your profile, in the «Featured stories«.

The stories will appear ordered chronologically, which allows us to review them whenever we want.

It also offers the options of save, delete or share them by private messages.

This tool is ideal for those who want to remember their stories in private.

This would be like a personal photo album that we can enjoy or share only with those special people.

This tool can hide instagram photosHowever, comments, likes or any other information received in the publication are not lost.

Instagram in search of user satisfaction

When you decide create a profile In any social network, you are accepting that anyone can see your publications whether they are followers or not.

In the case of Instagram, anyone you have as a friend on Facebook or in your contact list can easily view your Instagram activity.

In this sense, you Privacy it can be reduced to a minimum. This would not be a problem if it is used to promote you or promote your business.

However, if your account is personal, there are some situations in which it does not cause you some people see your activity or some specific publications.

Instagram has been evolving in this matter and had already implemented stickers to hide faces and the option to block specific people.

At this point, it has taken one more step towards satisfying user demands by implementing this tool to hide photos on instagram.

I hope this article has helped you in this process of hiding your photos. In our blog we have more cool tech tutorials. Visit us!

Were you able to archive the Instagram photos without deleting or deleting them? Leave us your result in the comment box!

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