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How to login and create account at MEGA NZ Limited

May 26, 2020
Learn how to ⭐ CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT ⭐ and how to LOGIN / ENTER MEGA NZ Limited ✅, in MINUTES. ENTERS!

In this post we will show you how you can both create a free account and log in / enter the platform MEGA NZ Limited, By an easy and fast way. ENTERS!


MEGA is a tool that has currently increased its quality in systems exponentially in recent times. Customers, both local and expert, increasingly manage a greater measure of information about the systems.

Consequently, and as a result of problems that physical storage can cause due to weakening or malfunction, this elective that allows to store large quantities of documents on the Internet, at no cost and without fear of spoiling anywhere, is now the most loved.

Within this terrain, MEGA's proposal stands out among the most prominent, even above those offered by Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

This framework, proposed by the owner of the old and safe understood MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom, has a amazing encryption framework that counteracts any irregularity of information to third parties, despite fully guarantee safety of customer profiles based on the information they handle.

It is a standout among the safest stages of now and, despite the explicit explanation of its central objective, which is nothing more than to serve to transfer and download records, it has become a reference. In case you want to realize how to login or create an account in Mega ( Limited) for free, we will explain everything you need to know.

How to log into MEGA

How to log into MEGA from anywhere.
How to log into MEGA from anywhere.

When you have created your customer profile on this platform, a genuinely basic technique is click login to start to use whatever you have available, or even to get any of the quota plans that are piling up to further improve the accessible storage limit. Here we help you with this method and with the most ongoing problems when trying to associate your client.

Despite simplifying things for people who want to download logs, the mega capabilities allow their clients to store a wide range of files in the cloud to have advanced reinforcement of everything they think important, despite being ready to deliver files to different clients. In case you want to log in effectively and have no idea how, here we bring you all the means to log in at Mega NZ Limited.

Login from PC to MEGA NZ Limited

1.- To log in or enter the Mega NZ website from your PC, the first step you must do is open internet browser that you generally use. When you have it open, go to the location bar, located at the top of the window, and enter url: 

You can directly access the portal by clicking on the following button:

Go to MEGA NZ Limited

MEGA Login button.
MEGA Login button.

2.- Currently, once inside the Mega home page, you must find button with content "Log in" and click on it to enter MEGA NZ Limited. You can also choose the language you want.

3.- While doing this, a small structure will be shown in which only two fields need to be completed.

The first, with your Email address and the second with the secret phrase or your password that you chose in your registry.

Keep in mind that you must use the profile information that you registered and that, for the password, you must be particularly careful with the case and with the lower letter, since they are considered when accessing. Having finished the two spaces, click the "Login" button.

We recommend that you leave the "Remember me" checkbox checked so that your information is stored so that you can easily enter the MEGA NZ website.

Sign in from Android and iOS apps

Log in on your mobile and get 50 GB in MEGA.
Log in on your mobile and get 50 GB in MEGA.

1.- Given the possibility that it is an Android or iOS client, the best alternative to appreciate's efforts is download the app from the corresponding authority and you will get up to 50 GB of free distributed storage.

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To do this, you must access the Google Play Store to know the Android policies or the iTunes App Store to know the iOS policy and, once inside, write the name "MEGA NZ" in the search bar. There you will find the App you need to download.

2.- Once found, press the button to start the download (This procedure may take a couple of minutes) so that you have the application installed on your cell phone. It is recommended to perform this download procedure when you are associated with a trusted Wi-Fi to avoid wasting mobile data.

3.- At that time, search the application in the area where the app was downloaded inside your phone. Find the red symbol with a capital letter in the center and click on it to start the application.

4.- Once inside, on the main screen, click on the alternative below the left, in "Log in".

5.- Now. what you should do is complete the information displayed on the screen. You simply need to enter the email you used when you registered and enter the password you created.

6.- After this, click on "Login" and you can log into your MEGA Limited account for free.

How to create a free MEGA NZ account

1. Open the Google search engine and search for the MEGA page.

The initial step to be able to create an account with MEGA Limited for free is to open the web browser of your choice, go to Google, and type in the search box the word ««. At that point, just hit 'Enter'.

2. Access the MEGA portal.

Google will give you some results. Look for the MEGA NZ page, which will be the first search result you are seeing. You can check it since below the blue text, there is a green text that says the name of the page in question.

3. Create the MEGA NZ account

At this time you will be within the MEGA website, and you must click on «Create account». You will see two sections, one in the upper left and a BIG red button in the central part of the site; you can click on any of the two, they lead to the same place.

4. Enter your information and click on 'Create account'

Fill out the form to create a free MEGA NZ account.
Fill out the form to create a free MEGA NZ account.

The next stage will be enter your information. For example: name, surname, email and generate an access password for your MEGA account. At that point, you need to check the terms of the site and finally click on 'create account'.

5. Check your email

After finishing the previous advance, a screen will appear where it tells you that they have sent you a verification link. In case you have put your email wrong, you can modify it in the window that will appear at the time.

You must go to the email inbox you used to create the MEGA account. You should receive a message from MEGA, where you should tap the 'Confirm my email' button.

6. Create your password

When you have the previous step ready and open the link that took you to the page, another section will open where you must write the secret key you created. At that point, you need to tap "Confirm your account". READY!

I hope this tutorial has been of great help to you.

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