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Tutorial to unlock modes in FIFA 14 (MOBILE!):

10 September, 2018
Learn to UNLOCK modes in FIFA 14 for Android without paying a single peso, EASY and it won't take time: manager mode, tournament and quick play.

Do you want to learn how to unlock modes in FIFA 14? You will unlock the 3 modes: THE QUICK MATCH, THE TOURNAMENT AND THE MANAGER MODE! ENTERS!


Note: This tutorial is for devices Manzana, to see the tutorial for Android click here.

These modes are in player, and they are the ones that are locked at the beginning of the game, these modes are the following:




Welcome to another post on my blog. FIFA 14 is a strategic game and a lot of football fun, and personally, one of the best I've played on my iPod Touch. Due to this, I found a very good hack, and thanks to that, I was able to enjoy all the game modes of it.

How to unlock modes in FIFA 14 (absolutely all)

To unlock these modes WITHOUT PAYING A SINGLE WEIGHT, do the following steps:

1.- Access the files on your mobile device (either with iFile or with any file manager).

2.- Go to the Applications of your mobile device.

3.- Locate the application "" and open it.

4.- Once inside «», locate the «data» folder and open it.

5.- Next, locate the «gui» folder and open it.

6.- Once there, there will be another folder called «data», open it.

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7.- Inside it, locate the folder «xml» and open it.

8.- Once there, locate the folder «ScreensLayouts» and open it.

9.- Inside it, locate the «MainMenu» folder and open it.

THE ROUTE OF DESTINATION HAS TO LOOK LIKE THIS:> data> gui> data> xml> ScreensLayouts> MainMenu

10.- Inside MainMenu, there is a file called «Play_unlocked.xml», RIGHT CLICK ON IT, AND CLICK ON RENAME.

11.- Give it a name like "Play_locked.xml", if there is another one like it, don't worry, it will replace itself.

READY! With this completed, your FIFA 14 will be unlocked at 100%.

Were you able to unlock modes in FIFA 14 successfully? Before I go, I would like to invite you to read other Gaming related posts, or if you wish, more topics related to Android, I am sure you will love them. Until another post!