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Tutorial to unlock modes in FIFA 14 (MOBILE!):

10 September, 2018
Learn to UNLOCK modes in FIFA 14 for Android without paying a single peso, EASY and it won't take time: manager mode, tournament and quick play.

Do you want to learn how to unlock modes in FIFA 14? You will unlock the 3 modes: THE QUICK MATCH, THE TOURNAMENT AND THE MANAGER MODE! ENTERS!


Note: This tutorial is for devices Manzana, to see the tutorial for Android click here.

These modes are in player, and they are the ones that are locked at the beginning of the game, these modes are the following:




Welcome to another post on my blog. FIFA 14 is a strategic game and a lot of football fun, and personally, one of the best I've played on my iPod Touch. Due to this, I found a very good hack, and thanks to that, I was able to enjoy all the game modes of it.

How to unlock modes in FIFA 14 (absolutely all)

To unlock these modes WITHOUT PAYING A SINGLE WEIGHT, do the following steps:

1.- Access the files on your mobile device (either with iFile or with any file manager).

2.- Go to the Applications of your mobile device.

3.- Locate the application "" and open it.

4.- Once inside «», locate the «data» folder and open it.

5.- Next, locate the «gui» folder and open it.

6.- Once there, there will be another folder called «data», open it.

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7.- Inside it, locate the folder «xml» and open it.

8.- Once there, locate the folder «ScreensLayouts» and open it.

9.- Inside it, locate the «MainMenu» folder and open it.

THE ROUTE OF DESTINATION HAS TO LOOK LIKE THIS:> data> gui> data> xml> ScreensLayouts> MainMenu

10.- Inside MainMenu, there is a file called «Play_unlocked.xml», RIGHT CLICK ON IT, AND CLICK ON RENAME.

11.- Give it a name like "Play_locked.xml", if there is another one like it, don't worry, it will replace itself.

READY! With this completed, your FIFA 14 will be unlocked at 100%.

Were you able to unlock modes in FIFA 14 successfully? Before I go, I would like to invite you to read other Gaming related posts, or if you wish, more topics related to Android, I am sure you will love them. Until another post!

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Comentarios (10)

K wave I can not find those folders m could they help xfa to unblock the fifa 14 just tell me how to look for them or which file manager I use I hope your prompt response my friend I would appreciate it a lot I send a greeting


Hello Ivan,

If you use iOS (iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc) you must have the application called «Cydia» to download a file manager called «iFile». If you want to download Cydia you must choose to search Google for the tutorial for said installation.
If you have Android, just go to the files on your cell phone and look for the path indicated in this tutorial.

Well, I suppose you have iOS, you need iFile to do this tutorial, and to download it you have to have Cydia (or rather the Jailbreak) done on your device.
Once you have installed Cydia, you must look for a repo to access to download the program.
In a few days I will upload a tutorial explaining the steps to follow to have a file manager on Apple mobile devices.

If you have more questions PLEASE CONTINUE COMMENTING AND SEND ME A MESSAGE TO MY EMAIL: [email protected]

Thank you,
Have a good day.


If thanks for that information, I only have a question where or in which part of my android file manager is the path esque I have problems with that, could you help me please tell me how to do it ok manager I use esk I have 2 the 1st is the explorer sphile and the 2nd is the k already has my cell tell me what do I use xfavor and apoko ati if it worked? I wait your answer thank you


Hello Ivan,

Well, you have an Android. To access the data in the files of the applications that you have manually installed on your device, it is necessary to put this path: / data / app

* I believe that the path is set in a terminal or in the file manager itself, I believe that it is necessary to be a root user to see said path.
If it is necessary to be root, you should consult how to become a superuser manually in Google (I think I will upload a tutorial on how to obtain permissions for it later).


Have a nice day.


Hello this ... since I am already a root user I used the manager called root explorer and when I put the path you told me earlier if I found them but I have a question, does it have to say Is it my name that appeared different, or did I look for it in another part of the manager? And I have another question when the application is opened, I have folders to appear to find the data one and those others because I set it to open with a text editor (it opens that way) or is it with another good one, just tell me xfavor which is it the way to do everything correctly THANK YOU kt have a good time


Hello Ivan,
Well, I'm not really sure if it should be called "", and I don't think the path is set correctly because if you opened the .apk you are on the wrong path.

Put this path in the terminal: / data / app
In that route are all the applications that you have installed, if you open it then look for the FIFA 14 application and if it opens more folders, we are fine, if it does not give you anything when you enter the route, try it with a file manager.

If you still have questions, please follow me by answering.

Have a nice day-


If thank you I will try, and you want to ask this information to unlock the fifa modes, did you discover it or did you look for it or did they say it? I just want to know to know if there were no images that make the process easier


The information was given to me by a friend some time ago.
I would recommend you to find out how to do this tutorial but on Android, because I don't use Android much and the tutorial was done using Apple devices.

If you still have questions please follow me answering.

Have a nice day.


Yes, but I could recommend how to search for it in google esque the mere truth I have no idea how to put it in the search engine hehe. Just tell me that please THANK YOU


Hello Ivan,
Sorry for not answering.

Well, honestly on YouTube there are many videos that explain in detail the steps of this tutorial, I recommend that you look it up on YouTube.

If you have more questions or things to clarify, please keep responding.

Thank you,
Have a nice day.