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MEGA: How to Backup Your Files to the Cloud

May 27, 2020
We will teach you how to make a BACKUP COPY of YOUR FILES in the MEGA cloud, step by step and VERY WELL EXPLAINED.

In this post we will show you how make a backup of your files in the MEGA cloud, step by step and VERY WELL EXPLAINED. ENTERS!



A backup your files in the cloud It is a kind of method used to back up your documents that you have uploaded.

MEGA is currently in trouble.

This cloud storage service implemented by Kim Dotcom, after the closure of Megaupload, could close at any time.

This is because MEGA is the descendant of the forgotten Megaupload.

Back up files to the cloud.

Important before backing up your files to the MEGA cloud

There is a very simple procedure for you to make a backup of your files in the MEGA cloud.

The first thing you have to do is go to the MEGA website so you can access the cloud service.

You can also access it through the Chrome, Firefox extension, or other mobile devices.

It is highly recommended that you do it through the browser, so that you can enjoy the best connection and send your copy to the folder on your computer that matters most to you.

To enter the MEGA website you will have to have the email with which you signed up for the service and the password associated with it.

Due to the characteristics of MEGA, it is very jealous with the privacy of its users.

Due to the above, if you do not remember your password, you will have many problems when you want to enter or recover it. Without the password, there is no cloud.

In this case it is that simple, because you cannot rescue the password to your email address, unless you have the password encrypted in a downloadable file.

Computer uploading files to the cloud.

Steps to follow to back up your files in the MEGA cloud

Once you have managed to enter your account in MEGA, you will have to examine the files you have collected to really know what you want to save.

Keep in mind that the more and larger files you want to save, the longer the backup will last.

You have two options:

Back up files one by one, folder by folder or globally, choosing them all.

You also have the option to choose groups of files to save them in your storage.

The best thing you can do is group medium size files. Maybe if they add up to 500 MB together, it is the fastest way.

Heavy files.

If you want to make a backup of several gigabytes of files in the MEGA cloud at the same time, problems with the connection may appear during the process.

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To choose multiple folders or files, you have to hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard on Linux or Windows, or the command key on Mac.

If you still want something faster, you can click and extend the pointer as is done to choose several files on your computer.

As in other contexts, in MEGA you have to press the right button of your mouse to open the options windows.

Once you have done this, go to the "Download" tab and choose the option that most catches your attention.

Downloading the backup copy of the files in the MEGA cloud

If you choose “Normal download”, the files will be downloaded, one by one, automatically.

Download files in the cloud in ZIP, MEGA format.

If instead you choose "Download as ZIP", they will be downloaded together in a file.

In both ways, you can forget about the procedure, since everything will be carried out automatically without having to activate or deactivate something.

Also, in a very short time you will have obtained a backup copy of your files in MEGA located on your computer.

Once the download has started, you will find a floating screen at the bottom of your screen.

To follow the evolution of it, click on the small button that appears in the left corner at the bottom of your screen.

From here you can monitor the download of your MEGA files. If you went for the normal download, you will find a list.

When one download completes, another will start. While the files are downloaded, they will be stored in the download folder of the computer.

On this screen you can see the time remaining for the download to finish, as well as the speed with which it is being performed.

Ending tutorial


In some systems, files with a .rar or .zip extension, for example, require a specific program to be able to decompress them. For this you can use WinRAR.

The files you have chosen to save in MEGA will appear in the downloads folder on your computer. It is the backup itself.

Even if MEGA is closed, you will not have any problem.

Once you have them there, you can place them on an external storage device, place them in a folder on your computer or upload them to another cloud.

Thanks to this, we can make a backup copy of our files in the MEGA cloud efficiently.

It should be noted that this can prevent us from a headache if we suffer the loss of a folder or file that is important to us.

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