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How to share your mobile 4G over WiFi on Android

May 19, 2018
How to share your Android 4G over WiFi.

In this post we will show you how you can share the 4G of your Android phone over WiFi. For you to use with another device. ENTERS!



Maybe you have a data rate that allows you to be connected with your smartphone when you go on vacation. To use the rest of the devices you will need to search for free Wi-Fi networks, but the truth is that you can share your mobile data with other devices through tethering.

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1: Create a wireless access point

On Android, the simplest is share the connection creating a wireless access point on the smartphone itself. To do this, go to the app Adjustments of Android and, in the section Wireless connections and networks, enter the section Plus. Several subsections will be listed, of which only one interests you: Modem and Wi-Fi zone.


Here are collected all the necessary options to share your 3G / 4G connection with other devices. Before launching to activate the option Portable Wi-Fi zone, it will be necessary to adjust the default parameters using the third option, Set up Wi-Fi zone.

2: Configure and encrypt your network

After clicking on Set up Wi-Fi zone A pop-up dialog will open for you to change the name of the network to be created, its password and, if you wish, the encryption. This last option is totally recommended.

To get started, modify the network name, because by default it usually uses the model of the terminal that we are using and this is a piece of information that no one has to know. Use any word and number that has nothing to do with you. In this case, we have used the word and number, 'Flexo12'.


Don't forget to turn on encryption (preferably WPA2 whenever you can) and set a password of your own. The greater its length and the variety of characters much better: it uses uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.

You don't have to struggle to find a password that is difficult to remember. Better to prioritize length over complexity. For example, a password of type '1Dog + 1Guitar = Dogck!' than something like "1w$5fkIAj". When you have it, click on save.

Then you can enable WiFi connection activating the option slider Portable Wi-Fi Zone, which will insert a new icon in the notification bar indicating the success of the initialization.


In a few seconds, the new access point It should be listed among the networks available on your laptop or tablet. Simply select the relevant network and enter the password specified in the previous step. All you have left is to keep an eye on data consumption!

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3: Some basic precautions

Since this method of share the connection you have to keep active the adapter for the 3G / 4G network and the wireless network adapter, you will see that the battery is consumed at a very high rate.

Try to keep your device connected to the charger while you use it so that it charges. At the very least, plug it in via USB to your laptop (or your hotel room TV!) So that the battery charge doesn't drop too low.

Despite having a good data rate, the safest thing is that you will not miss the opportunity to connect to any of the public WiFi networks that you will find in your holiday destination. Where is the problem?


In principle, there are none, but as long as you are very aware of the risk you may be taking. Some malicious users can exploit the travelers' need and create free hotspots that are a real scam.

These access points, open or with a key that is the name of the network itself, are created with the aim of steal data from users who comment on the recklessness of connecting. So if you are going to use public Wi-Fi, at least make sure where it comes from. Happy Holidays!