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How to surf the internet anonymously

September 10, 2020
Are you looking to browse ANONYMOUS on the INTERNET? ✅ ENTER HERE, where you will learn ⭐ 3 EASY METHODS to be able to browse anonymously online.

There are many people on the web who value their sources and therefore appreciate their privacy. Fortunately, there are several methods by which we can protect both. Follow us and learn how to browse anonymously online.


This time we will talk about what we should do to surf the internet anonymously. Now, although this whole topic sounds a bit complex, anonymous browsing, practiced from home or anywhere, is not something from another world.

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are many options or methods that allow us to be incognito onlineBest of all, they don't differ much from one operating system to another.

Below three we present 3 of the main ways of how to browse anonymously.

Proxy Servers

Another option for browse anonymously is using the so-called proxy servers. When setting up a proxy server in browserYour computer automatically connects to a website through a proxy server.

Therefore, the proxy basically works as a filter, sending you the data you require from the website, but sending the data of the web page only over the proxy, thus manipulating the system in your favor.

In this way, people on the website will only be able to know if someone was browsing the site, but without knowing exactly who it was, with zero chance of tracking the IP address.

Now, most browsers offer the option of entering the address of a proxy server in their advanced settings, but here is a list of the best Proxies:




Surf anonymously online through a VPN

This option can be considered as one of the best if what you want is browse anonymously. With a VPN server, the data on your computer is redirected from your Internet provider to a VPN provider.

What does a VPN server is to use a different Internet access point than yours. By using a VPN, basically what you are doing is replacing your regular internet connection, and HIDE YOUR IP ADDRESS.

Under this tool, people or programs will no longer be able to see from where you are geographically located and they cannot link your activities. So, web pages and servers will only see the IP address of your VPN server.

Here is a list of the best VPNs you can find:

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Browse anonymously: Incognito mode

One of the simplest methods to surf anonymously online is to make use of special incognito mode or the private browsing mode that most browsers have embedded in their settings, however, it does not hide your IP address.

However, to make use of it, it must be activated. And basically what you do is ensure that your computer do not record your browsing history.

This option can be very useful, for example, if you want to Google something and you don't want other people who use the same computer to notice it. Also, it is recommended to use it on public access computers, so that the next person who uses the computer will not be able to see what you did when you were browsing.

It is important to mention that this mode also blocks so-called "cookies", files that are installed on the computer (after obtaining authorization) and store certain information about the visits made to the site, among other things.

Now, this method does not completely regulate the access of other people to your private information, such as physical location, IP address, browsing behavior, among others. Therefore, true anonymity under this mode is very rare.

Well, with this last alternative we end our post about how to browse anonymously online. We hope you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Until next time.