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How to send an anonymous email (step by step tutorial)

March 29, 2019
⭐ Here you will learn how to send an anonymous email (the recipient WILL NOT KNOW WHO sent it), in a very SIMPLE AND QUICK way. ✅ ENTER!

In this post you will learn how to send an anonymous email (the recipient will not know who sent it to them), in a very simple and fast way. ENTERS!


E-mail is a network aid that enables users to receive and send messages through electronic communication networks.

If you want to send an anonymous email, you can use an electronic program called Blankstamp ideal for this method.

With Blankstamp you can send a message anonymously due to its incognito mode that it offers.

Although this method will allow the person receiving the e-mail not to know who it is from, they will be able to answer you in a common and ordinary way, if that is their decision.

This tool is free, but limited.


Sending an anonymous email can be very useful:

First, many times people do not want to show their face when sending an email, and they are fully entitled.

In addition, when using Blankstamp you will realize one of its unexpected advantages:

The user who has received the email will be able to reply to you without any problem.

As a purpose, the message will reach your inbox, regardless of whether the person knows your identity.

Steps to send an anonymous email

If you want to send this anonymously through this program, you must follow the following steps to the letter:

Select the ideal email platform for you

This method works on popular platforms like Gmail, Hotmail, and even Outlook. Then choose the one that may be ideal to use for you.

Change the recipient's email address

In order for you to send an anonymous email, you will need to use a modified recipient address.

Blankstamp does not need any type of software installation, just a slight fix in the email you are going to use.


For example, if you want to send an anonymous e-mail to «your [email protected]», in the receiver space you should put «your [email protected]».

For reference, the part of "007" is all a nod to James Bond, the most famous undercover agent of all time.

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The recipient will receive the email from a false address

A few seconds after you have done this, your email will go through the Blankstamp filter.

Therefore, the receiver will receive it without having the slightest idea that it comes from you.

As a result, you can see a randomly chosen address with letters and numbers that have no meaning.

In the e-mail signature, you can see that it was sent anonymously through Blakstamp.

The way the company provides itself through free anonymous emails.

Buy or acquire credits so you can have unlimited incognito emails

Sadly, Blankstamp only grants 5 incognito emails per week.

If you want to send another anonymous email, or use more than 5 a week, you must buy credits on the company's website.

In either case, if you don't intend to use this program intensively, this amount is ideal for you.

It is not common to be constantly sending emails anonymously.

Therefore, for the specific use of this technique, this program is indicated.


Post conclusion

Thanks to this, we can emphasize that if you want to send an anonymous email.

This server is one of the best for this, since it does not require installations or many steps to complete so that everything goes as planned, but rather some tricks that you have to be clear about so that everything goes perfectly.

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