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How to control the PC temperature

May 27, 2020
We will teach you how to CONTROL the temperature of the PC, giving you COMPLETE TIPS and ADVICE that will help you in this.

In this post we will teach you how to control the temperature of the PC, giving you COMPLETE tips and advice that will help you with it. ENTERS!



Temperature is an essential element in the maintenance of the PC, and being able to control the temperature of the PC will help you a lot when it comes to doing it.

The heat that is generated inside your computer can directly affect the reliability and performance of your computer.

It can also impair your well-being, making it a noisy and annoying computer.

Therefore, there are many ways to keep the temperature in order.

Image of PC components.

What is the effect that heat can have on the proper functioning of the computer?

Controlling the temperature of the PC is something that can be done through internal devices that it has.

However, all the components that it has require power to function properly.

This energy is usually converted into heat when the components are working.

The most important thing in this is to use the most effective technique to dissipate the heat that the computer can generate.

Although the components in a computer are built to withstand high temperatures at work, they should not be constantly forced to do so.

If they are forced to work in these thermal limits for an extended period of time, their reliability will end up decreasing and there will be a greater risk of failure.

The hard drive, graphics card, processor, and motherboard are the components that generate the most heat.

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All of these have their own additional cooling mechanism included to keep each component within a thermal limit that is safe for them.

But these mechanisms have a silent and implacable enemy against which they cannot fight, and sooner or later it will deplete their cooling systems: dust.


Cooling of PC components

This is something too fundamental to control the temperature of the PC

Not all computer components work with their temperature in the same way as others.

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Some manufacturers add better cooling systems to their processors or graphics cards to manage the temperatures to be as low as possible.

Computer motherboard.

One of the best examples is motherboards.

In some models of the high and medium ranges, a greater amount of copper is implemented so that said surface works as a dissipator of the heat that is generated.

In addition, larger aluminum heatsinks are placed on top of the hottest elements to improve the cooling of the motherboard.

Something very similar happens with graphics cards. The manufacturers place large aluminum heatsinks that manage to control the temperature of the same.

When you go to buy or replace a computer, you have to take all this into account, since doing so you will get better thermal conditions.

Although, like any other component, it will be affected by the silent and inevitable deterioration generated by the dust found in the environment.

Basic Precautions for Controlling PC Temperature

Next, we will mention some basic precautions to avoid heating and control the temperature of the PC.

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Before starting the maintenance of the computer, you must take into account some precautions to do it with total safety and not to damage any component.

First of all, you must turn off and unplug the equipment from the electrical outlet.

It is not enough just that the computer is turned off, since some components are usually kept in "standby" and cannot be manipulated while they are.

Another factor that cannot be ignored is static electricity that can build up on your computer.

Electronic components are very fragile when it comes to this type of electricity and can be damaged very easily.

The most recent equipment has springs that fix the components to the box and basically you will not need the help of any tools.

However, in most cases you will need the help of at least one screwdriver with the right tip.

Do not push your luck. Knocking out or breaking the head of a set screw can be a real disaster.

Components that need ongoing maintenance

We will detail a list of components that need continuous maintenance in order to control the temperature of the PC.

There are two components that, by cleaning, you can avoid increasing the temperature in computers.

These components that require good maintenance whenever possible are the following:

Processor cooling system.

Processor Cooling Maintenance

One of the most important elements within a computer. The most efficient way to clean it is by using a canister of compressed air for cleaning.

This boat can be obtained through electronic stores. Take the fan to stop spinning and place the cannula of the canister between the heatsink slots to remove the dust.

You can also help yourself with a soft brush to remove all the dust that is adhered.

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Also, at least every 2 or 3 years it is ideal to change the thermal paste that is placed between the processor and heatsink. Its thermo-conductive properties are weakened.

Motherboard cooling system.

Maintaining the cooling of the graphics card

This is another very important focus when generating heat.

In addition, it can also be an essential point to control the temperature that is generated inside the computer.

Although it is designed to withstand high temperatures, repeated overheating can make it useless.

The cleaning of this is very similar to that of the processor. You just have to use a can of compressed air and a soft brush to remove all traces of dust.

There are occasions in which the manufacturer places a plastic casing on top of the cooling mechanism that makes it difficult to clean it.

If this happens, you will have to disassemble it from your equipment to be able to easily enter all the corners and proceed to free them of the dust they have.

Thanks to this, we can highlight the ways to control the temperature of the PC, as well as the components that generate it, and even the precautions.

It should be noted that the maintenance and attention you give to your computer will depend on its duration, as well as its speed and efficiency.

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