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How to search songs by their lyrics

February 22, 2021
Learn how to SEARCH Songs by LYRICS chunks, using apps, online services and SONG SEARCHERS.

In this post you will learn how you can search songs by chunks of lyrics easily, using Google, YouTube or a song search engine.

Surely at some point you heard a song on the radio, movie or series that you liked a lot, but, you couldn't identify the titletherefore, you could not locate it.

Did something similar happen to you? This is a problem that has affected many people even in the past, when there was still no technological way to find a song by its title, or some song search engine.

But guess that? Yes! Nowadays search engine algorithms are so modern that even that you can find songs without knowing their title.

And not only that, there are song search engines that with the simple action of humming the song, this app can give you accurate data. Impressive isn't it? Let's know the ways to find songs!

Steps to search songs by chunks of lyrics

Thanks to the leaps and bounds of technology, you have a wide variety of options to search for songs with scraps of letters.

The most fallible methods and with the highest percentage of success are algorithmic searches, that is, the Google search engine and YouTube.

Test method by method until one of them allows you to find your song by its lyrics. Go!

Using the Google search engine

Google is the most accurate and advanced search engine in the world. It is, par excellence, the most visited website, and we are sure that you come from there to read our article.

Just as you found us, you can search for songs if you know their lyrics or a fragment of it. How? Very easy:

1.- First, access the Google search engine.

2.- Then, in the search bar, place the letter fragment that you remember or know.

3.- Finally, Google will find your song precisely:

Write your song in the search engine.
Write your song in the search engine.

Google will not only search for your song, but also will show you where the lyric fragment appears of the song, and it will show you direct links where the song is available, such as: YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, among others.

Tip: use Google Now to find a song instantly

If you are traveling and at the moment you are listening to a song on the radio, TV or another that you barely knew, you may not remember after a fragment of lyrics, and you liked it, use this trick!

The Google Now feature is only available for modern Android phones.

Google Now is a smart assistant that recognizes speech patterns to perform searches much faster than entering the browser and typing the query.

Among its thousands of voice commands that it has when you say "Ok Google", there is one that allows you to find a song by its tone or lyrics.

Follow these steps to be able to search for songs by tone or lyrics using Google Now:

1.- First, the music you want to discover must be playing on another device, be it radio, TV, or another device.

2.- From your phone, you must call the Google Now assistant: say loud and clear "Ok Google".

If nothing happens, it is because you have the Google Assistant disabled. You shall activate the assistant Ok Google.

3.- The sensor will be activated and the assistant will appear waiting for a voice request from you. Say loud and clear "What is this song?".

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4.- Bring your phone close to the sound source of the song and wait a few seconds. Google will give you the result:

So you search songs by lyrics using Google Now.
So you search songs by lyrics using Google Now.

Using YouTube

Almost all songs available they are usually first available on YouTube before other platforms like Spotify, Deezer or SoundCloud.

That is why it is necessary to search this platform to ascertain that it is available. The algorithmic search of YouTube works in a similar way to that of the Google search engine, since the platform belongs precisely to the same company.

However, unlike searching through the Google search engine or the Google Now assistant, you may not have an equally accurate result, since other users can upload similar content that has nothing to do with the song you are looking for, although It's worth a try.

Follow these steps to search for lyrics chunk songs on YouTube:

1.- First, access the YouTube platform.

2.- Then, in the search engine, put the piece of lyrics to find that song.

3.- If you are lucky, you will see your song in the first searches:

So songs are searched on YouTube by their lyrics.
So songs are searched on YouTube by their lyrics.

Free song finders

Wasn't using the Google and YouTube tools helpful? Do not worry! We haven't finished introducing you to all the ways to find songs.

These alternatives that we are going to present you are so powerful that you will not need not even know a portion of lyrics of it to identify it instantly.

The companies that develop these song search engines they specialize even better than Google in this niche: search for songs.

So let's see what those apps are!


Shazam song search engine.

Shazam is an app that has more than 1 billion active users and happy to be able to discover new songs that you don't even know anything about.

Thanks to this application, you will not only be able to search for songs without knowing their lyrics, title, artist or anything, but it also gives you the options to connect your Apple Music, Spotify and other services accounts to add them to your playlists directly.

¡Literal is an app that looks like magic! Download Shazam now and try it out for yourself.

Developer: Apple Inc.
Price: Free
Developer: Manzana
Price: Free


SoundCloud song search engine.

Do you have a song playing in your head and you only know specific sounds? SoundHound is the best app to search for songs without knowing anything about them, so says the BILLBOARD Music App Awards.

Thanks to this fabulous app, you can search songs by humming them! You heard it right: you just have to hum the song for the powerful SoundHound algorithm to give you a result.

You just have to press the orange button and start saying "tarara tarara" to the beat of the song you want to find. Of course, you must follow the rhythm in the same way as the song so that SoundHound gives you an accurate result. Download this song finder!

SoundHound - Music Search
SoundHound - Music Search
Developer: SoundHound, Inc.
Price: 7,99 €

We hope you have been able to find songs by their lyrics using Google apps or free song search engines. Do not forget that in this blog we have more tech tutorials interesting.

See you in a new post, reader!