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TOP 4 online compilers that will help you with your code

12 June, 2020
In this post we will present you with a TOP 4 of some online compilers that can be of very good help with your programming work. ENTERS!

In this post we will present you a TOP 4 of some online compilers that they can be very good help with your programming work. ENTERS!




Welcome to another new post. When we do a job in C / C ++ or any other programming language that requires a compiler, we have to give ourselves the need to install Programming IDEs, which are usually too heavy for our team, in addition to the fact that they can use large memory resources by that compiler.

Before getting into the matter, I would like to put the million dollar question on the table, for people who do not know what I am referring to:

What is a compiler?

Programming languages are written with statements that we can easily understand and interpret, such as "If", "For", flow statements, and so on. Computers don't understand that. A compiler is one that is in charge of translating all our code into machine language, since that language is what the computer really understands, pure "0" and "1", nothing more.

TOP 4 online compilers that will help you with your code

Position 4: CodePad


It is a very intuitive online compiler. When you enter its main page, you will see the dashboard shown in the image above. It is too easy to use: you just have to choose the language you are dealing with and paste your code in the box. When you're ready, click the button that says "Submit."

Position 3: JDoodle

jDoodle is a compiler that in my opinion is much more complete and easier to understand than CodePad. On its main site, it has a list of different languages, ordered by the most used, and by clicking on one, you can access the compiler. One feature that I really liked about this online compiler is that you can save your projects and consult them later.

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Position 2: Ideone


Ideone is a very intuitive and simple online compiler. At the bottom of the site, you will find the available compiler languages, so before you paste your code, make sure you are correct. In addition, you can give input data and configure if you want your code to be public or private (this is if when you compile it you can see it only you or anyone else).

Best of all, if you register on the platform, you can save your work, but BEWARE: it cannot exceed 256 MB.

Position 1: Browxy


Browxy is another online compiler, and I chose it in position one because despite supporting very few programming languages, it has a VERY advanced graphical interface, which we can use to make the most of the website's functionalities with our work. . Currently they have released the public a new editor EVEN CLEANER than the one you see on screen, but still in beta, so some features may still be in development. Try it for yourself!

And so far the end of the TOP, I hope these websites have served you. Until another post!

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