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5 educational platforms to learn math

17 July, 2017
Platforms for learning mathematics.

In this post we will teach you 5 free platforms which you can take math classes and learn even more. ENTERS!



We all know that mathematics is not a subject that is given to all of us, and in class it can become boring and complicated. What many students do is study what they have learned at home, but if you do not write anything down, then you will have to use it online. Today the internet has made our work easier by being able to investigate those topics that are difficult for us, and that is why I am going to present you the 5 platforms that you can use to learn mathematics:

5 platforms to learn math:

Educatina: With more than 3,000 free videos to learn what you want. Educatina becomes one of the best educational platforms, where per month more than 3 million students reinforce their studies with video tutorials, excellent teachers and all for free and accessible.

Tasksplus: It is a platform that offers us courses of all categories, such as programming, mathematics, business and finance, office automation, languages and many more. Some for free and others for a fee.

khanacademy: You will find topics such as mathematics, pre-calculus, arithmetic, pre-algebra, calculus, statistics, probability, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, physics, computing, science, arts and humanities, and many others which will serve us very well. .

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Youtube: This is one of the great platforms where you can find almost anything, in this case it is a channel that belongs to Mr. Julio Alberto Rios, this contains excellent content to learn mathematics, with its channel called «JulyProfe«.

Sangakoo: Studying as a team is one of the advantages of this educational platform, the topics that we can find are: algebra, number theory, geometry, discrete mathematics, fundamentals of mathematics, probability, statistics, recreational mathematics, calculus and applied mathematics. Each of them can be consulted in a theoretical way, so that in the end we would be able to solve or propose an exercise related to it.

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