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Receive notifications

On this page we will explain how you can activate your browser's notifications for our website, so you will receive the latest posts.

There's a better way to receive notifications when new content is posted on our blog, and that's to accept our blog's browser notifications from you. This will save you time and you will receive it in real time without having to leave our platform open or, if in the case you are subscribed to our newsletter, not having to open your mail every so often to check the new posts.

You can be browsing any other website other than ours and know precisely when a new content is published.

How does it work?

When we post the entry, an instant real-time notification will be sent to all users who activate our site's notifications for their browser. This message will appear at the top of your screen (left or right, depending on your browser), in a style similar to this notification:

As you can see, this example is from Facebook, and uses them to inform you of new events that have occurred in your account in real time. Something like that will happen to us.

How do I activate notifications?

In order for you to start receiving notifications, please give permission for that to be possible. In your preferred browser, accept notifications:

For Chrome:

For Mozilla Firefoxclick "Allow Notifications":

For Safari:

When you access the site for the first time, this message will appear. If you have blocked them and would like to receive notifications, click on the bell at the bottom left and follow the instructions.

Updating Notifications

Dear users,

If you have come to this section from a notification you clicked, we must tell you that we've changed our notification provider push, and if you want to keep receiving the newsyou must re-subscribe by clicking on the subscription window that will appear at the top left.

If you don't know how to subscribe, take a look above to find out what a push notification is and how to subscribe in your favorite browser.