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Download TeamViewer 11 FULL + Crack for Windows

May 24, 2020
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Welcome to a new post.

The digital world is becoming more and more changing than ever, and as we know, technical assistance and support has been of vital importance for problem solving.

Many people could not go to places personally to attend the assistance of other people, in addition to these people could be far away, was a growing problem sued for a solution.

The GFI Software company realized the need, and hence the famous TeamViewer virtual assistance program. It has several versions, and in this post you can download TeamViewer Full version 11 totally free for Windows.

TeamViewer requirements

As we know, all computer programs require some requirements to be installed and run perfectly. By downloading this TeamViewer 11 program for free, you will have to meet several requirements that we will list below.

First, the operating system requirements are the following:

  • Have Windows 8/7 / Vista / XP.
  • Have the Windows 2000 / Millennium Edition / NT (Service Pack 6a, at least IE 5.5) / 98 * OS.
  • Have Windows Server 2012R2 / 2012 / 2008R2 / 2008/2003/2000 *.
  • Or have Windows Home Server / Home Server 2011.

In addition to the software requirements, your desktop or PC also has to meet minimum hardware requirements In order to run TeamViewer 11 Full in a way that does not slow down your computer:

  • 500 MHz CPU.
  • 500 MB RAM.
  • 100 MB of disk space for installation.


This is how the computer program looks to the naked eye. This is the main program interface:

TeamViewer 11 main interface.
TeamViewer 11 main interface.

How to install TeamViewer 11 Full for Windows

When you have already made sure that you meet the minimum and recommended requirements to be able to run the virtual assistance program, now you can proceed to the installation tutorial.

Follow the steps below for a successful installation of TeamViewer 11 Full.

1.- Download the program (download links are at the bottom of this page).

2.- Unzip the resulting download file.

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3.- Click on "TeamViewer_Setup.exe" to install the program.

4.- Select the "privately / non-commercial" option.

5.- Wait for the program to finish installing.

6.- Close all the windows of the program.

7.- Locate the taskbar, right click and click on the "Task Manager" option.

8.- Go to the "Processes" window and look for the program icon.

9.- Right-click on the icon and click "End Task."

10.- Close everything, go to the folder you downloaded and copy the program that is inside the «Crack» folder.

11.- After that, go to the desktop and right-click on the program icon and click on "Open file location."

12.- Replace the original file with the one you copied.

13.- Optional: right-click on the file you replaced, then click "Send to> Desktop (shortcut)."

14.- Ready! Now you have TeamViewer 11 Full for Windows.

If you didn't understand, I leave you the original video that I consulted to make this crack:

Download TeamViewer 11 Full

As we have discussed previously, TeamViewer is a virtual assistance software, which you can use to have someone else join your team and help you with a problem, or vice versa.

By downloading and installing TeamViewer 11 from this post, you will be able to install that software for free thanks to the installation explanation tutorial that we offer above.

Without further comment, we leave you the download links for this program. In downloading it, comes with a crack so you can use TeamViewer 11 for free.

DOWNLOAD TeamViewer 11 Full

We want to emphasize that you are very careful with its use, since, by letting another person access your PC, you may also be exposing yourself to possible background attacks by that person.

We recommend that you use TeamViewer 11 with people you really trust.

Before concluding the post, I would like to tell you that we have more full programs that you are probably looking for. Check us out!

Similarly, we are passionate about writing tech tutorials for our audience, there will surely be something you like from our dozens and dozens of articles.

Could you download and install TeamViewer 11 Full for Windows with the crack that we pass you? Leave us your comment below!

See you in a next post.