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Hospital management system in PHP, AJAX, MySQL

12 June, 2020
In this post you will have the opportunity to learn about a hospital management system made with PHP, AJAX, MySQL technologies, among others. ENTERS!

In this post you will have the opportunity to meet a hospital management system made with technologies PHP, AJAX, MySQL, among others. ENTERS!



Welcome to another post. Information management systems are not what they were before, everything evolves as time passes, and in their correspondence with hospitals, it goes hand in hand; we now have systems that allow us to manage staff, performance reports, hospital financial transactions, patients, departments, and so much more. This has helped a lot since it saves time, effort and makes the consultation of all this information faster compared to the past.

Therefore, we are going to present you a very good hospital management system. Let's go!

Hospital management system in PHP, AJAX, MySQL

For starters, you have several user roles, which are as follows:

  • Super administrator.
  • Administrator.
  • Doctor.
  • Nurse.
  • Pharmacist.
  • Counter.
  • Patient.
  • Laboratory.

Each of them has different accesses to the functionalities of the hospital manager. By accessing as an "administrator" role account, you will be able to fully manage departments, patients, human resources, financial activities, room availability, generate printable reports, among many other features that this software offers.

For more detailed information, please watch this video below:

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Finally, the hospital management software has a cost of $15 USD, and can be purchased by paying by PayPal:


BEFORE MAKING THIS PURCHASEPlease contact the creator of this program through the following email for any questions: [email protected]

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