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How should a programmer take care of his health?

8 October, 2017
How should a programmer take care of his health?

In this post we will teach you what you should do to take care of your health as a programmer, which is what we should pay attention to the most. ENTERS!



Many people do not take into account this important factor: taking care of health, and more if spending hours and hours sitting or sitting doing some activity, such as: being in front of the computer, which is what programmers spend ALL day .

I am going to give you some very important tips which you should take into account if you are a programmer or a person who spends many hours sitting.

How should a programmer take care of his health?

1. Improve posture: You must be sitting in a very comfortable chair, which allows you to write code without being "hunchbacked" and have good posture. The same when walking, walk straight.

2. Keep your distance from the monitor: Personally, it happens to me, and it must be said that our eyes also have to be careful; do not force your view, zoom to the code (surely your code editor has this function) instead of sticking closer to the screen. Wear special glasses too.

3. Get up every so often: I know this will be difficult, but you must get up at least every hour and walk around the office, moving relaxed so that the blood flows through you, do it for a few minutes, and go back to your work.

4. Eat well: You must eat healthy, AND NOT eat junk things while you shoot code, because it happened to me, and more when I was nervous or needed to concentrate, I felt the need to eat. Go and have a glass of water instead.

5. Do sports for at least 20 minutes a day: You must schedule it as a priority activity. Doing sports (be it walking, running, etc.) will allow you to be in shape, and your brain will be well oxygenated for what follows.

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6. SLEEP well: I know that the client is pressuring you to be the program. But you have to respect your working hours, at night it is to rest and recover, and at working time PULL OUT ALL THE CODE YOU CAN.

7. You have to accept it ... not everything is code: go, go out with friends or family for a walk, this will help you to be more content or content, it does not matter if you do not compile, etc., get away for a while after sitting hours and hours.

8. Get motivated: a motivated and happy programmer is a healthy programmer; You have to have faith in what you do, tell yourself: "I am a ostia", "I am great, I can finish this program", "The world will know my incredible algorithm". YOU CAN!

I hope these tips will help you in your daily life as a programmer. In sports matters, I recommend this following channel: Training with Sergio Peinado. In it you can consult special exercises for people who sit for hours, it is GOOD in what it does, I recommend it.

Finally, I leave you the following image for you to observe. By


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