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Website to listen to music and relax while programming

March 29, 2018
Page to listen to music while programming.

In this post we will show you one amazing website containing different playlists of relaxing songs, which will help you focus while programming ENTER!




If you are a programmer, I imagine it is because you are here, or well, at least out of curiosity, because if you have thrown lines of code you will know how stressful it can be, and more if it is your job, much more if you dedicate many hours per day, and even more if your code does not do exactly what you ask. Well, today I am going to present you an incredible platform that contains different relaxing songs that can make your work a little more peaceful, since they can help you to concentrate better and think better about things while programming.

I introduce you to musicForProgramming:


In the photo you can see that there is a list of 38 playlists, but currently this website contains 48. Each playlist has different songs embedded, and all the playlists are long, taking an estimated time of 30 minutes to 1 hour. In addition, you can download that playlist to your computer, pause it, delay it or advance it 30 seconds.

Finally, and before giving you the link to the site, we would like to tell you that this website is not only for programmers, since the songs contained in the playlists can help other people in the same way, so that they can concentrate on carrying out their activities.

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MusicForProgramming link, website to listen to music while programming:

Go to siteGo to the musicForProgramming site

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