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The easiest programming languages for beginners

3 February, 2018
In this post I will show you which are the programming languages that will probably be the most suitable for beginners, so you can start if you have not decided. ENTERS!

In this post I will show you what are the programming languages which will probably be the more suitable for you to start if you haven't made up your mind. ENTERS!



Welcome to another post on my blog. It is true that when we want to start in the world of programming it is not impossible to decide with which language to start our adventure, and it is true, I had it, I did not decide in several days which one to start, but I made up my mind. Today I come to present a list of 5 languages that can probably clarify the panorama for you (NOTE: based on my opinion). Let us begin!

TOP 5 best programming languages to learn to program:

Position 5: C#

C# is an object-oriented programming language, which is really easy to understand, and with this, for a person who is starting it will be ideal. Although the disadvantage of this language is that in my point of view it is a bit boring, but the most significant advantage is that the world of work demands it too much, in addition to that if your long-term approach is to make video games with Unity, you can use this language.

Position 4: Python

This programming language is one of the most simplified I know, which is one of its greatest advantages, and despite the fact that it is from the 90s, it has many changes that make it compete in our time with the greats of the code. If your approach is to create robots you are probably interested because I have seen that people have done AMAZING projects using this language. Its downside might be that I haven't seen much job demand for Python.

We recommend you:  The black book of the programmer [PDF]

Position 3: Java

This language is the most popular in the world, and is used mainly to create desktop applications. It never finishes updating, there is always something new to learn between its roots, and if your focus is to make applications for Android, it is your ideal language. Despite this, it is very broad, so you will have to be patient on your learning path, which will never end, there is always something new to learn. Its biggest advantage is that it is too much in demand in the world of work.

Position 2: Swift

In the long term, do you plan to develop applications for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple in general? Well, this is the ideal language for you. It has a lot of labor demand in the same way, and it is one of the best platforms where to put your app. The only disadvantage that I see is that you will need a Mac to download the Development IDE.

Position 1: C

Yes, you may say, "But this language is old and there is not much labor demand for it." Not everything is always money. Personally, I started with this language, and I want to tell you that it is the one that has helped me the most to understand the code. It is something difficult, yes, but when you understand it, your logic awakens you a lot and it will help you to take on great challenges. Without a doubt, the one I recommend the most.

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