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Which laptop should I buy if I want to program?

5 February, 2018
In this post we will show you how you can choose to buy the best laptop so that you can use it in the world of programming. ENTERS!

In this post we will show you how you can choose to buy the best laptop for that you can use it in the world of The programing. ENTERS!



Welcome to another post. When we are starting in this incredible world of code, we have no idea which computer we should choose to start programming, and they are absolutely right: the decision is difficult. One is always looking for the cheap and the best at the same time.

Before you start making a purchase, I have to clarify that you do not necessarily require a super mega computer equipment, no, everything depends on the use you want to give that equipment. For this, I want to clarify 3 fundamental concepts:

Do you want a computer just to start programming?

If your goal is to just start programming, then you do not necessarily need a good team, since for example, to only browse social networks, watch series on Netflix, and program in C / C ++ or a similar language you do not require anything expensive. But yes let me clarify several points that you have to consider:

Regularly when you go to a store, people see a big sign that says "Intel Inside", and they think that just saying "Intel" is a super computer, but don't be fooled, that's store marketing for you to buy. . When shopping for equipment to just start programming, make sure of these points:

  • DO NOT BUY computers with less than 2GB of RAM.
  • AVOID them saying Intel Inside or Intel ATOM. Preferably buy Intel Celeron or Intel Pentium computers.

Are you a university student and you already know that you will dedicate yourself to programming and are you clear about the area you are going to?

Here it does change things a bit, because for example if you are going to require more complex processes such as animations or creating video games, you are going to require a more powerful computer, it all depends on what area of programming you will dedicate yourself to. I recommend that you take into consideration the following characteristics:

  • DO NOT BUY a computer with less than 4 GB of RAM, and make sure you can change it.
  • Buy a computer with Intel Core i3 or Intel Core i5 processors (preferably 4th generation and up).
  • If you have already chosen the processor, don't worry about the hard disk, because if you try to buy the fastest SSDs, the company that sells you the equipment will give you the most expensive computer; Better buy it that way, and then buy a separate solid-state hard drive for your part.
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Are you a professional and your work depends on the programming at 100%?

At this point I believe that you will require the best possible team so that you have the best experience when programming, and if you have enough money and you really believe that a quality team requires it, go ahead! Consider the following:

  • That they have at least 8 GB of RAM, 16 preferably.
  • That its minimum processor is Intel Core i5, if it is i7 better (the best possible generation too).
  • Containing a solid state hard drive.

Whichever audience you lean towards, make sure your computer has an illuminated keyboard, because at night it will be of great help. Until another post!

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