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What is the best platform for learning to program?

13 junio, 2020
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This post will open a debate about which is the best platform to learn how to program from the comfort of your home. ENTER!



In the last few days, some of my visitors have asked me about the best platform to learn programming.

E-Learning platforms are those websites where we can access to learn certain new skills.

There are thousands and thousands of them, some giving free and paid courses, others only free and others only paid.

That's why I'm presenting you with this post today, so let's just... get started!

What is the best platform for learning to program?

I have personally been to several online schools.

I have not been to many, nor do I know the behavior of all of them, but I will detail my experience in each one.

E-Learning Teletraining

The first of these was the E-Learning Teletraining platform.

There I was able to learn the HTML layout language, and where I graduated with a certificate of it.

But obviously I didn't want to stop there, as I felt I needed to learn so much more.

I didn't have a bad experience, I felt that I learned well, but its design is very old and I don't like the way the platform is sailed.

That's when I started Googling more, and I found


Udemy is an online technology education platform that teaches what they teach well.

There are lots of courses. If you go directly to their official site, you can find many courses, sometimes at a discount, but they do have educational quality material.

I bought a marketing course there, and I was equally satisfied, even in the usability of the platform.

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Finally, I found...


Personally, it is the best platform to learn programming, and not only programming, but marketing, administration and much more.

It's a community of thousands and thousands of programmers who not only learn from teachers, but there are help sections where they can support each other.

From time to time there are live sessions of things related to trends and programming, with PlatziLIVE.

As if that were not enough, they hold conferences in places from time to time to bring the community together and talk about various topics, with their PlatziConf community.

And finally, conclude that Platzi has many courses for you to access, where you will find:

  • Basic programming.
  • Computer security.
  • Server management.
  • Complete careers from zero of Front-End and Back-End.
  • Database administration.
  • Marketing and business careers.
  • And so on and so forth...

There I learned to program in JavaScriptand in my opinion I have been satisfied with the services and teachings.

The best platform to learn how to program

From the looks of this post, I have come to the conclusion that Platzi is the best platform to learn how to program.

It is the largest in the world and the leader in this field of teaching, as it updates where the trends are going and prepares its students to face the world.

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What do you think is the best platform to learn programming? Leave your opinion below in the comment box!

See you in the next article.