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École 42, university for future programming geniuses

22 July, 2018
École 42, university for programmers.

You sure haven't heard of École 42, the university dedicated to training passionate programmers and computer scientists, which will form the future programming geniuses. Come in and find out more!



If you are passionate about programming and the subject of sitting in the classroom bores you, École 42 is the university for programming geniuses. This free university trains programmers, there are no professors, exams, schedules, or degrees, and it is fully funded by Xavier Niel. The university is open 24 hours a day, the teaching method is "peer to peer" between each of the students. And to access it, two types of tests are carried out, one online, where basic tests are carried out to see what state your brain is in, from there they choose the best ones and then the test called swimming pool, this consists of developing projects related to programming, the test lasts 1 month. The competition is so tough that there are students that only last 15 days.

The students of École 42 assure that it is much more fun to learn in this way, carrying out projects not only allows students and the pedagogical team to put into practice what they are learning, there are also companies that hire them and in this way they are also earned money.

The main objective of École 42 is train creative and collaborative Developers. There in an innovative way when teaching there are many students who feel very good learning about Computer Science and Programming. Among the important advantages is being able to work with companies on projects regardless of whether you are still a student by École 42.

Why study at University 42?

In college 42 you won't have to worry about report cards, now much less about a diploma or academic degree. What counts and has a lot of value is the determination, passion and talent you have to think and therefore have the skill to make it real with code.

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The 80% of the students who studied at 42 leave with a contract from a company. This generally does not happen with the traditional educational system. Annual applications from people interested in participating in École 42 are approximately 70,000, but they only qualify around 3,000. There are currently two camps, one in Paris and the other in San Francisco.

Traditional education system vs École 42

According to Nicolas Sadirac, co-founder of 42: In a video made by theFutureEsOne, comments that one of the biggest mistakes that the vast majority of universities make is trying to teach computer science as a science, when in reality it is closer to art.


When thinking, it is known that what we are living with the current educational system, without being experts on the subject, we can very clearly realize that the learning methodology offered by the university 42 is one of the best alternatives so that not only the student progress and get ahead, but an entire nation.

To enter the official website of École 42 you can do so through the following link: University 42. To end this interesting topic, I will be very happy if you leave your contribution on the subject in the comments.

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