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We can all learn Machine Learning

June 5, 2020
Do you know what Machine Learning is? Yes but ... do you think you can't study it? In this post we will tell you something amazing that you will surely love: we can all learn Machine Learning. ENTERS!

Yes, we can all learn machine learning! Do you know what it is? Yes but… do you think you can't study it? In this post we will tell you something amazing that you will surely love. ENTERS!



Welcome to another new post. Learn Machine Learning ... what comes to mind when you hear "Machine Learning"? A machine that learns? Hmm ...

When we talk about Machine Learning, we are talking about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence learns by itself, yes, but that is not the main objective, the objective is to make an application or a device as or more intelligent than a human being, and the objective of Machine Learning is the creation of algorithms, which they allow us to make that application artificially intelligent.

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We can all learn Machine Learning: it is how you see it ...

I want to do an exercise with you. Imagine that we are making a robot that recognizes a shoe, and we are creating our recognition algorithm. I want you to imagine a shoe, ready? Now, click on the next expansion to see how you imagined it.

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Did you imagine the shoe in any of the following 3 ways ?:


Did you see the effect of this? I don't think you imagined it in all 3 ways, you could even have imagined another shape of the shoe. Making an artificial intelligence detect this is the same, the programmer defines a way of seeing the shoe, and that is why Machine Learning is not perfect, but the programmer has to make it more and more perfect; Let's remember the objective of this one!

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Oh God, it looks complicated… is it really for me?

Machine Learning is for everyone, even you. With a world in constant change, this is going to be the labor demand of the future for any area. It requires knowing math, yes, you require knowing statistics and logic more than anything, yes, but we can all do it! We have to get rid of that fear, remember that practice makes perfect! If you have the passion and interest to master this topic, no one will stop you. Remember that no one is born a genius.

So where do you start?

I I studied basic programming at the largest technology school in Latin America: Platzi. They have a special course called «Introduction to Machine Learning», if you want to go to it, do click here. In it you can start your way.

I also wrote a post previously that might interest you: Free courses to learn about Artificial Intelligence, from the basics.

DO NOT GIVE UP! SUCCESS! Until another post.

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